You guys should all vote for your home Mud!


One of the services that TMC offers its customers is the VOTE BUTTON, generally meant to vote for your home mud, (even though it is possible to vote for several different Muds each day). You can only cast one vote per day for each game, but they accumulate over time, until the list is reset, (generally every three months, I believe).

The option to vote has been available for a long time, and in the old days players were actively encouraged by the staff to vote daily, since being high on the list obviously gives an advantage, when it comes to catching the interest of new players.

But recently some negative things have occured.

First there was this deluge of mass voting for Armageddon, which was at first perceived as a cheating attempt to get to the top of the list, but later turned out to be staged by some disgruntled ex-players, to paint out their old mud in a bad way.

But what seems to be happening at present is even more disturbing.
For some reason people generally appear to have stopped voting, and that has weird affects on the list.

My own Mud, 4D, has always had a rather small active playerbase, and today it is alarmingly low. But our players have always been good at voting, and even now some of our oldtimers still click the vote button faithfully every day, even if they are not really actively playing any more. This used to keep us somewhere among the Top 20 in the old days, (and given the size of the playerbase, I was farely content with that).

But today we are number 2 on the list.

That should perhaps make me happy, but instead it makes me really worried. Because it is yet another sign that textmuds are slowly dying.

If people can’t even bring up enough energy and interest for their oldtime home-away-from-home to perform the minimal task of clicking a vote button once a day, then there is something seriously wrong. It really is not that much of a task. I do it myself as a reflex, directly after I open the computer every day, and it takes all but 2 seconds.

Not only will you do your home mud a favour by voting, you also add to the traffic to the TMC site, (which I assume is a good thing, and probably the reason why the vote buttons originally were introduced here and on TMS).

So, Mud owners, step up the game! Show that you still care about your mud! Start voting regularly again, and encourage your players to do the same!

Even if the result of this will be that my own mud drops back to a lower level, it would actually make me happy.


The text when ya vote says:

Please note that only 1 daily vote per mud will be counted for each TMC account.

That means one account, one vote, one mud, on one day, doesn’t it?

Meaning, you could use your account to vote for more than one mud in a given day, but those votes won’t count. Only your account’s first vote per mud in a given day gets counted. Or does it mean something else?

Anyway, I haven’t noticed any change in the vote stats whatsoever. On old TMC, LO had been right around 45 for the last few years, and that’s just like it is on this new TMC. One person voting pretty much every day for a mud puts it in the top 50 on TMC like it always has, no change that I can see.

…and just like always, being in the top 50 doesn’t drive any measurable traffic whatsoever. I only hit the ‘vote’ link out of habit, not because it provides any obvious benefit.

Hey @molly.4d , notice any difference being up there at #2? :wink:


Personally i have stopped connecting to TMC, the new front page annoys me greatly… Its not got the best user interface and the colours look terrible. Menu on the right of the page which opens on the left… thats one of the annoyances… and the green on dark background doesnt look too good either


The way I interprete the rule, you can vote daily for several muds, but the vote only counts once per day for each. So if you run several muds, (or play on several regularly), you can vote for all of them, and all the votes would count, once a day. (But maybe I got that wrong, and Icculus will have to sort it out for me).

As for yor question; no, I haven’t noticed any significant increase in the number of new players finding their way to our mud, from being #2 on the list. But then again, I guess that any kind of increase would be balanced out by the steadily decreasing traffic to the TMC site, (as well as to all Mud sites).


We’ve discussed this, too. Normally we hang around 40-50 with the votes we get and today we’re 26 I believe. I was asked by the other person who has taken to voting if his additional votes is making that much of a difference, but I figure two things are going on here…

A lot of MUDs likely haven’t updated the voting links on their games, websites, etc., so the links that players may be following are broken (which also leads me to suspect that perhaps a lot of those votes were coming from “this reminder is going to spam you until you click this link” prompts on games and players are just clicking to silence them and not really concerned if the voting link is broken or not).

The other thing is I suspect some voting scripts are running pretty much monitored, and it has gone unnoticed as a result that the voting link is no longer valid.

In both possible cases, it doesn’t strike me like the games that were formerly sitting at the tops of the list must pay much mind to the ranks here at all, or they would have addressed it already.

As far as overall traffic… I decided to pull back my involvement with "the community’ as a whole when I stepped down as a mod, so that has A LOT to do with why I pretty much never post anymore. I actually use to follow whether there are any new posts here (or on any of the mud sites) that I care to read or comment on (and was what lead me to this topic, actually). Other than using its discussion aggregator, I don’t actually just outright visit any MUD sites anymore unless its to promote my game.


What HK says is probably the reason less votes are showing.

It hasn’t actually been publicly stated that the voting links have changed afaik, and lots of mud websites rarely get updated, which have links to vote from.

Meaning that if there are votebots voting they are going to link that no longer exists.


I get here from too, never through the main TMC page.

It’d be nice if there was a link somewhere from this TMC discourse back to the main TMC site. It’s kind of strange not to have one, imo.

And yeah, i suspect there may be a lot of zombie vote scripts still lumbering away out there. Would be cool if someone could check the server stats and report back on that. :slight_smile:


I am not sure how the rankings work…

I am pretty sure that NO ONE from the mud I play was voting there… I wanted to get new players, so for a month worked hard to try to remember to vote every day…

We dropped I think 20 points in the rankings.

So… since it looked like me spending the time to go there and vote, dropped the rank… and i don’t think anything else changed… i don’t see the point.


Only if voting actually made a difference in your MUD’s traffic.


voting tbh is kind of redundant, perhaps it should be based on number of views of the listing, or something else. As its currently far too easy to get your mud into the top 30 on TMC. Just don’t know what else could be used?


I think the ease of getting to the top is related to how old your mud is.

An old mud that has been towards the bottom for a long time… sheesh… . Very difficult to get it back up.


You also can’t forget that undoubtedly one of the BIG incentives for a MUD Listing site to have rankings is to drive traffic to the site, thus increasing its value (and potentially revenue as well).

So whatever factor that determines ranking would need to continue to drive traffic to the site.

Any more “fair” or “accurate” measuring of a MUD’s “rank” (such as player numbers, logins, etc.) wouldn’t do the site any favors with regards to traffic, so I don’t really see/think there’s much that could be done in that way… unless it did something toward averaging votes with those other values, but even then in order to nab those other values, that would involve a pretty radical overhaul of the listings and incorporating something like MSDP.


I think the players that go to social sites for MUDs are a pretty small minority, in my experience. I have a pretty big population and while the MSB gets mentioned all the time, for whatever reason I’ve just about never heard anyone talk about the MUD subreddit, TMC, etc. No idea why.