Worst MUD Happenings

So, tell the tales of the worst experiences ever on a MUD.

I’ll tell the tale of AVP MUD (avpmud.com:4000).

I was leveling up a low level predator. One of the admins, Groot, kept transporting me back to recall. That annoyed me.

Then, after a while, his alt, Nitrous, who is a regular player, demanded “Give me all your HMEQ or I’ll keep transporting you to jail.”

I complained, and was set free… for a while.

The next day, the Admin Lividity froze me.
I quit.
The next day, my character had been deleted.


What’s your stories?

I’m not familiar with the acronym HMEQ… what is it?

A non-programmer admin Volur hijacked a MUD ( stonia.ttu.ee 4000 ) because he simply was the last person in “management”. He pretty much inherited the MUD but never deserved to have such power. Obviously he cheated as much as he could with his access to the MUD log and player files, and of course he denied source code to people who asked it in good hope of getting development going again. So slowly the once-great MUD faded into oblivion.

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Back in probably 1998 I was playing a Nightmare LP game called Dragonrealms and after several months the game went down with no warning. Apparently there had been a massive loss of data and they more or less were back to square one. After a few months of literally checking the connection multiple times a day, it came back online. Nothing was retained from the previous version and there wasn’t much in the way of too many areas nor were all of the guilds back in. Most everyone else just played the guilds that were available, but I spent the next several months hoarding my exp because they hadn’t finished and reintroduced the guild I wanted to play (and guilds were the main source of skills available to a character, so think a cross between a clan and a class).

Basically, the way the game worked is as you gained exp you stored it, and then spent the exp on things like stats, skills, spells, etc, and then your level was a stat calculated from your total number of stats and skills.

I put just enough exp into my stats to get a few a levels and a just a few skills to make surviving viable, but the vast majority of my enormous exp hoard was being saved for this guild. As soon as the guild was to drop, I was going to dump all of my hoarded exp into it and be, by far, the most powerful member of that guild (which was a good argument for leadership of it, too) since no one else had the dedication or patience to wait on it.

Needless to say, since we’re talking “bad experiences” that didn’t happen. Some other player was in a pkilling mood I suppose, and kept coming after me, and after it being clear I would lose (and death on this game cleared your entire exp hoard… so I had also gone the entire life of the character never dying) I kept escaping, but some abusive imm (I suspect an alt-character of the player in question) kept transferring me back to that person. To this day I still don’t know why (other than sheer panic) I didn’t have the presence of mind to just log off after making my escape but after about a dozen repeat transfers, the other player finally killed me, erasing several months of exp hoarding.

I was not quiet about this and after a few weeks of trying to get something done about it, they finally deleted and banned me.

I check back in on the game a few months later and a similar sorta thing (minus the whole “losing months worth of exp”) happened, and then the playerbase went nuts over it and it was a big thing. I’m sitting there like “well, F me I guess, right?”

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That’s the top tier of gear in that MUD.

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The stories you are about to read are true.
The names and other proper nouns have been changed to protect the guilty.
There once was a Kingdom of Sadness, in which an ancient goddess named
Tiffany had created an Order named Chwarae’r Gêm. This Order was taken over
by a new ruler, King Umbert, who said he wanted to rebuild the castle and
remake the order. With the permission of the Gods, he started holding making
plans and meetings to this effect. He made sure the plans were insufficient
or unreadable, and refused to help his general membership understand the
project. In an organization where it was common for members to not log on
for two weeks, I had fallen out of the habit of checking messages every day,
and might not even log on every day. Umbert started having meetings to remake
the order, which he would announce on the day previous to the meeting and
then immediately after it was over, he would delete all evidence that there
had ever been a meeting or messages (a technique I later found out is common
in the real world). He put together a cadre of 3 or 4 people who followed his
plan to “destroy everything Tiffany ever made” and remake the order without
the participation of his members. Everything was kept a secret. Umbert was
actually upset when he found out I had been told the secret. He outcasted me
from the order and drove away everybody who knew what he was up to. He built
MUD creations that outright mocked the previous builder and made them a
permanent part of the MUD, and got away with all of this. The very name of
his new creation means anger and revenge. Eventually his attitude was his
undoing: as he became dissatisfied with merely outcasting people he didn’t
like from his order and started to harass us in other places, sometimes
right in front of an Immortal. Eventually he dissappeared. His testament
Not so dramatic, compared to some of your stories.
Not blatant, outright cheating. But a sneaky kind of business that makes
a MUD far too much like the real world, in the worst of bad-Boss situations.
And now the other similar story…
There was a Guild. And it was a very fine Guild. The people who managed
it took great care of it and its members. But there was also a huge
supportive clan of people called “BlackDog” who gradually took over. They
had for some time tried to steer all communications away from the mud itself
and onto the website they controlled, on which they obviously ranked posters
according to ho much or how little they liked them, not according to their
posts, but that was always a minor thing. But after a leader of “BlackDog”
became Guild Leader and married “Rufus”, things changed. She and Rufus led
the Guild. Suddenly the Guild only had runs led by the leaders of “BlackDog”,
and all goods gained had to be given to BOTS owned by Rufus. Players were
suppossed to get their Guild property from Rufus’s bots, and Rufus’s bots
commonly malfunctioned. A problem which Rufus said he would work on. While
he was logged onto the MUD he said this. Instead of just logging onto the
bots and handing out the stuff people deserved. Those tricky
“technical difficulties”, you know. Before long there were Guild activities
the purpose of which was to gather items for Rufus’s bots to sell.
Needless to say, these items and gold were kept by Rufus. The “BlackDog”
people drove away those who wanted to do independent runs or who did not
agree with them. And of course, got away with it. I stopped playing with
that guild.

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