Winter's Oasis - A Unique Steampunk MUCK


Winter’s Oasis is a character-driven, roleplay-centric, alternate-history MUCK set in a relatively low-fantasy steampunk, post-apocalyptic world. Explore a rich, original setting populated by a varied cast of anthropomorphic animals and humans alike, where you can decide your story, and pursue your own interests; explore ancient ruins or uncharted territory, fight bandits, invent fantastic clockwork devices! Be a soldier, a gunslinger, a mechanic, a banker, an elemental mage, an airship pilot, a scavenger, a tribal hunter, or anything else, in a classless, open-ended system where the theme and your imagination are the only limits.

While not possessed of the same pedigree as some of the older, more distinguished MU*s represented on TMC, Winter’s Oasis is a relatively modern ProtoMUCK-based server has been operating since 2009 with a modest, tightly-knit player base.

Coincidentally, after a relatively low point in player activity, Winter’s Oasis is also gearing up for website overhaul, and a number of new and exciting world events for players to participate in - so if you’re interested, be sure to check in on the MUCK, or watch for more information!

You can visit our website at:

Or connect directly to the MUCK at:
Port: 8888