Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset


While I am not the owner of this mud I do host it.

Vampire Wars: The Final Subset is based on the original Vampire Wars codebase by Joker, which it’s self a s based upon an early version of God Wars by Kavir.

Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset (VW:TFS) was created by Caine in early 2001. The mud features only 1 class Vampires. The Vampire class has been modified heavily with new disciplines and powers added. VW:TFS has a small but dedicated friendly pbase. Why not come check us out @ port 4888


We have attempted to switch to a new codebase for this mud as the 25 year old code had lots of issues. The new version is based on godwars deluxe, but is currently wizlocked while we are working on issues.


While this is the case the original version of the MUD is up on the port listed…


You working on this tijer? I would love to help if you need it… I’m trying to band circlemud/godwars code… hell I got alot of your revised code in it… but if I can help I just recently debuted deluxe. So I can peek at some of its code…

Email me bro : we both got history that dates back 20+ years


Work on the deluxe has stalled due to time constraints. I don’t actually own the place I was just hosting it for Caine and helping him bugs. But due to the time of the year my time is limited currently.


New version of this MUD is live, i’ve been messing around with a different version of the codebase, that i have had for a very very long time! port 4890

See you there?