trial and Firing Squad - Death on Ateraan

Two Clerics of the Dahkoar Faith, the Dark God of Ateraan, were brought to trial by the Council of Masters who are the Leader characters in the Kingdom. Forty players attended the trial and the two were defended by the Southland Warden named Hrung. Despite Hrung’s excellent defense the two were found guilty for Murder, Endangerment of Immigrants, Law Violation, and Disruption of Commerce in the Kingdom.Preformatted text

While the guilty verdict was obviously politically motivated, one of the defendants was the Palace Emissary of Darmahk, City State in the Southland. This Emissary was spared summary execution but the other Priest was not. Over 50 players attended the execution in the Courtyard of the Gahlen Castle and it transpired below starting with the world announcement of the results of the Trial.

----------------------- THE STORY -------------------------

WORLD Announcement: Salafian and Zandr were found guilty by a Jury for crimes against the Kingdom. The Jury and Justice decided the following punishment: First. In so much as Salafian and Zandr have affected the state of safety within the Kingdom both will be banished for a firm term of 30 days until the last day of July from the Kingdom as a whole unless the Justice Office or Royalty allow it for purpose. Continuance of this banishment will be assessed on August 1st.

Second both have decreed execution for actions against the Kingdom, however, in as much as Salafian has admitted some guilt to his actions and is still a member of the Palace as an Emissary and he has suffered execution for a previous crime he will be spared execution. However, the Council of Masters of the Kingdom will write the Palace and ask for his removal.

And Third, The Dahkoar Faith in allowing such actions to take place will be fined one thousand crowns for the time of the court, justice office, and damages done. This can be paid in the next week by the leadership of the Dahkoar Faith. We leave it to the faith to decide how to handle this.[/COLOR]

Chuen says, “This means I have to get a new archer’s squad badge.”

Gahlen guards lead Zandr into the court holding cell.

The Seneschal says authoritatively, “Zandr, I expect you to be noble in this event. Do you have a priest to come speak for you?”

Salafian asks to Seneschal, “Before I leave, may I stay to administer his last rites as no other Priest is present?”

Oros says to Tharia, “I assume as much, but you know what they say about

Salafian moves over to Zandr and places a raven cord over his shoulder saying, “Take heart brother for the Ravens flight carries you.” He takes his ritual knife and cuts it deep into his palm marking Zandr’s head stating, “May our Lord grant you restoration or peace in the eternal darkness.” He smiles and places a hand on Zandr’s shoulder as he smears the blood, “The ancient clerics await you. Do not enter the Lords realm with fear. There you shall wait for us and when they do,you will basque in their tales of triumph. Soon you will be drinking ale from curved horns.”

Rae says, “He is my man. I will take his things home.”

Zandr says to Dhubrin, “Your time will come.”
Dhubrin says to Zandr, “Yours is now.”
Vaylin says to Zandr, “Dont threaten my commander nor my citizens or ill be the one executing you.”
Chuen says, “I seem to recall the Seneschal asking for nobility. I suppose that is too great a boon to ask.”
Skef arrives from the west.
Sinua makes her way through the crowd until she’s up in the front.
Aseyra looks at Zandr.
Kisea looks at Zandr.

Merek stands back, watching.

Siergoth Cheers.
Vaylin follows Dhubrin.
Uel hides behind Shilia.
Dhubrin, Salafian, Kildrux, Vaylin, a squire Milke and Merek leave west.
Alyel says, “Interestin’ first visit t’Gahlen.”
Oros looks pointedly at the corpse.

----------------------- THE END -------------------------

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