TranslateMUD Client


Anyone interested in helping make a Python MUD client which would connect to any MUD and harness GoogleTranslate to translate it into any language?

The Translate API is fast, and straightforward, yet it is not powerful enough to power through all text, so to translate a line, the user could have access to the command: "#translate " and the line number is going to be displayed to the left of all text from the MUD.

This solution would make it fast, and the client wouldn’t lag while trying to translate ASCII art.


Sorry, but really, as someone who speaks a little Spanish and has used Google
Translate on the fly for pretending to be fluent in other languages during roleplay,
I can tell you, the concept is fundamentally flawed. Even when dealing with two IndoEuropean languages, there are idioms and usages. And if you’re talking different language famlies… well…

I will just brainfart some things right now on the fly for you…

“On the fly” - what does that mean? You are flying?
“I am al fed up”. - that’s what Bao said after eating. Bao learned to speak British,
not American.
British people eat chocolate biscuits and jam on bread, ride the tube or drive a lorry and watch the telly. They go on Holiday while Americans Vacate the premesis.
And what if you are actually using two languages?

1: Original:
I am writing this on the fly. I hope you don’t get all fed up reading my verbose,
pedantic, and frustrating verbage. Next week I go on vacation. Happy Holidays.

2: Google English to Spanish:
Estoy escribiendo esto sobre la marcha. Espero que no estén todos hartos de leer mi verbosa,
Pedante, y el verbo frustrante. La próxima semana me voy de vacaciones. Felices vacaciones.

3: Google Spanish to English:
I’m writing this on the fly. I hope you are not all tired of reading my verbose,
Pedante, and the frustrating verb. Next week I’m going on vacation. Happy Holidays.

Just for fun, Let’s try Chinese:

I am writing this on the fly. I hope you don’t get all fed up reading my verbose,
pedantic, and frustrating verbage. Next week I go on vacation. Happy Holidays.

我正在写这个。 我希望你不要厌倦了阅读我的详细资料,
迂腐,令人沮丧的废物。 下周我去度假。 节日快乐。

I am writing this. I hope you don’t get tired of reading my details.
Pestle, frustrating waste. I am going on vacation next week. Happy holiday.

Actually that didn’t come out so bad. I have seen worse.
The point is, if you want your text to be correct, you are gonig to have to have a real person
at least proofead it. We are not yet at the level where an AI can handle all the bizzare twists of human language.


I’ve given this topic a lot of thought. And I haven’t found a way how to even design a new MUD codebase to have multi language support. MUDs are simply too text heavy. Sure you can design it, but at what cost? The codebase would become much more difficult to manage and understand. You combine this with random item generators and you are in even a bigger trouble. I have a codebase that can put any item’s short description into plural form if needed, and it can use the correct verb form if the actors are many.

act.set("actor",   ch.get_id());
act.set("item",    item_id);
act.set("verb",    CODE_LOOKUP(WORD::ATTEMPT));
act.set("VERB",    CODE_LOOKUP(WORD::FAIL));
act.set("to_room", "$n $v to eat $p, but $V.");
act.set("to_self", "$n $v to eat $p, but $V.");
man->event_perform(&act, "act");

To have things like that, the codebase itself has to be designed for one particular language. You add a new language and you would have to duplicate a big portion of the description generation logic, not to mention the game’s vocabulary. English language is luckily very simple for generating gramatically correct texts like these. Begin a native Estonian I wouldn’t even know how to achieve this same thing with the Estonian language as it is one of the most complex languages in the world :smiley:


Thanks, that really made me laugh :rofl: