TMC Website Change


Surprise! The website seems to have undergone a design overhaul. If this is a permanent change, there does seem to be a few quirks. Some of the old website’s pages are missing and the mud rankings are from last month. It also seems like accounts weren’t brought over from the old website. Will we have to sign back up?


Hi and yes. Some content is still being ported over to the new website and may not be immediately available. Some content may not be moving over at all or will be different on the new site. This is the first from scratch rewrite TMC has had since it was first created so some things will change along the way.

If there is a specific page that is not yet here and that you want to see please post here and I will add them to my list.

I did port over the SMF members table about a week ago and hooked it into the current login system. I would like to phase it out eventually but we won’t force anyone to sign up to the new system anytime soon.

Please PM me about your missing member account.



looking good… nice to see the site being worked on :slight_smile:


I just fixed a login bug that should help resolve the account issues that were brought up… Quick explanation - I developed the new site using and forgot to switch out www when I made the site live - my bad! Expect more bugs I’m sure but please do report them!






I am aware that some people are dealing with login issues and are unable to login. I am going to switch to a full-page login form instead of the popup modal login as a temporary measure. This won’t help with forgotten usernames or passwords but will help with the login page not loading.


Was wondering if we are going to have the option to edit the current listings we have up? Or how to do so? I see the edit mud listing option, yet it does not show me the mud I want to edit, looks as if it is asking me to list a new one.


Yes, this is one of the current bugs I am working on. Please PM me about this, these are the things I need to know:

  1. Are you sure you are logged in? (Is the person icon at the top filled-in green?)
  2. What is your member id on TMC
  3. What mud names should be linked to your account?

Its an odd bug as I am able to see the muds associated with my account so I want to try to reproduce what you are seeing… Thanks


Ok, I found and fixed one of the bigger login issues. Everyone that is logged in will need to logout and back in, this should fix some things including restoring your ability to edit the muds that you have listed.

If your bug prevents you from logging out then just delete all of the mudconnect cookies that you have stored and that will reset you.

Please PM me if after these steps you still see some problems accessing your mud listings.


Even though I don’t have a MUD linked to my account, thank you for redoing the web site and working hard to fix the problems. I really like what you are doing with the place.


Hey Mud Admins - I added a new Tagline field which is in Section 5 of the listing editor next to mud description. You can use this field to supply a short blurb which will be displayed in the front page new and updated mud listing cards.


clearing cookies sorted the login and listings editing issues i had :slight_smile:


I think there still is a bug with voting.
Obviously the vote button that we have on the mud site doesn’t work any more. It sends an error message
"The requested URL /mud-bin/vote_rank.cgi was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

I was able to vote myself from the listing page of 4D, by logging out and then back in again.
But a couple of my players claim that voting doesn’t work for them, possibly because they aren’t authorised to edit our listing.
When they log in they are sent to the discussion Forum, and trying to go beck to the listing to vote from there, only asks them to log in again, and then they land in the same loop.

Is somebody else having the same problem?


Molly, there was a previous problem with the cookie values that was a holdover from the site when it was in dev mode. I think thats why you needed to logout to clear the old cookies.

The problem with your players being sent to the discussion forum doesn’t make sense unless their DNS is still taking them to the old site - which is normal, I still am getting mail at the old server. I assume and am hoping by discussion forum you mean the old SMF and not this one. :wink:

If you can get these players to create an account here and PM that would definitely help me try to reproduce the issue.


I liked the old website style a lot better. :frowning:
Also my players are complaining they can’t vote any more.


Hi - please have your players contact me directly so I can help figure out where the problem is. If they have accounts here they can PM me or they can email me at admin (at)

I see a number of votes have been cast today and yesterday after the login issues were fixed so I know its working for some people, with your players help we can get the rest of the issues sorted out. :slight_smile: Thank You!


Yeah tmc vote buttons ie the “vote for our mud” that was made available to be added to muds websites is no longer working.

Considering alot of the MUDs websites arent going to be being updated, really needs to use the same format somehow?

Are going to be getting the ability to change the theme to dark, list we can on the discourse?


Any chance we could get a toggle for a dark background instead of white?


I will at some point setup redirects for a few of the old URL formats, but I don’t want to do that right away because I think the mud admins do need to take notice of the changes, and hopefully players will be notifying them. Many mud listings are extremely outdated as well and maybe having to make the vote changes will also lead to them updating the listing.

Regarding the background color, I am looking into it, but there is still alot to be done code-wise first that is my current priority - many programs that ran in the background are still missing… :frowning:


So is there a new format for the vote url that I should be using from my web pages?