The Story of Blujae, Founder of Gahlen

(The above image is used by permission of the artist, Lorenn Tyr)

20 Years have past since the creation of New Worlds Ateraan and rarely has the story been told of the Statue that resides in the center of Gahlen City, the border town of the Kingdom of Nordenland on the world of Ateraan.

This story will be told by the Duke of Gahlen in an upcoming roleplay event in the next week that is the hallmark of playing on this intense roleplay enforced game. If you’ve played before or are new to this TORG (Text Only Roleplaying Game) come join us soon to learn about this event and some history of the town of Gahlen!

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The date for this event is set: Sunday, February 24th, 2019, in the afternoon.

The Story Event was a very successful exciting 4 hour costume party.

Over 50 players were part of the event that transpired in the Castle of the Duke of Gahlen. The Kingdom Merchant Guild hosted the event with special room descriptions created by them and food and costumes also provided which are all part of their Guild Abilities.

18 players chose to enter the costume contest and their costumes were fantastic ranging from the winner (who portrayed a phoenix) to Darci the Tavern Serving Wench, Waylumi’s White Wolf, and someone who dressed up as the Frost on the Duchess’ Garden Flowers. Very unique and innovative designs.

If you missed this, the next event coming up is a story and invasion style event patterned after last years Fall of the Four Guardians. It will encompass the next several weeks of story, combat, and mystical powers involving the invaders from another dimension entitled, “Spirits of the Four Guardians”.

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