StickMUD: March 2019 Update


StickMUD is an LP Mud. Medieval, hack-and-slash, 10,000+ rooms, and 8 guilds with skills that train as they are used.

March Updates:

  • Player meetup held north of Seattle, WA earlier this month!
  • Scavenger Hunt event scheduled Mar 24 & 25!
  • Game driver updated to LDMud 3.5.1. Thousands of updates.
  • Mud Server Status Protocol (MSSP) now supported to enhance marketing
  • New browser accessibility at
  • Grapevine HP/SP/FP bars enabled (GMCP)
  • Mudlet accessible with a graphical user interface (GMCP)
  • Help interface improved. More TODO!
  • New marketing blitz started, Facebook and Instagram advertising


  • Enhancing the starting village to retain players
  • Updating the game for accessibility for blind players
  • Further enhancing the Mudlet GUI
  • Additional Grapevine integration with Gossip
  • Marketing and building the player base

The best days are ahead for StickMUD. We’re highly motivated to add new depth to the game and attract new players. Join us from Grapevine, the default list on Mudlet or direct to 7680.

-Tamarindo@StickMUD <> Twitter: @stickmud <> Discord: