[SOLVED] MudConnect Ranking


How is MUDconnect rating computed? How often is this ranking updated?

My players have been voting daily for the past week after a while of inactivity. Years ago when we had a voting spurt like this, our ranking changed quite drastically. Now we haven’t moved at all despite multiple people voting daily. Is this a problem of too many bots voting for the higher ranking MUDs that we’re permanently stuck at ranking 289?


Perhaps overall votes are only counted? It would make sense to give newer votes priority, and perhaps past votes could count at 1/2 after one year, 1/4 after two, and 1 / (years * 2) evermore.


I do think it takes into account the timeframe of the votes. Because I’ve seen our ranking go up and down based on players falling off voting regularly.

However this particular problem, i got a response from the TMC Admin about, there was a bug in their ranking system caused by a server migration last week. He emailed me saying that they fixed it, and since then I have seen movement. So, Problem solved?


I don’t think its solved (yet) but its being worked out… New host has all outbound ports blocked for whatever reason so I am working around it for getting the connect check-thingy working, which is likely affecting the vote counting indirectly because its all tied together…


It looks like it is working again now, last night’s spider ran successfully and the vote updater worked this morning to apply the votes that were cast… Thanks for being patient. :slight_smile: