Shadowgate MuD - Under new management


ShadowGate has been around for over twenty years, and is now under new management! We’re excited for what the future might hold for our world, and we invite you to check it out!

Come be who YOU want to be in a fantasy setting (D&D Forgotten Realms based, but with originals cities and gods). With our myriad selection of feats and skills, so much is within your reach. Couple it with complete control over your distinctive style and customizable equipment, there’s a million opportunities to let your creativity shine. We have many classes to choose from, with the ability to multi-class, and at the peak of your levels (40-50) you can further strengthen yourself with the addition of a prestige class.

The world is vast, with loads of unique environments to explore. There’s challenging quests for those who like to test their wits. It’s a beautiful, descriptive, and colorful world with many hidden surprises and challenges. You can find a party to explore with, or if you prefer to travel alone, you can hire a mercenary NPC to assist you.

Our world recently experienced a Godswar, when all the old gods fell and were replaced by a new pantheon. If you enjoy religious roleplay, we need leaders to build up their churches. Those who have the leadership and charisma to form alliances, or the strength to bring down their enemies. It’s a great time to join.

ShadowGate is RP enforced, but we understand that not every character is meant to be social. Play how you want! PK is accepted (but not mandatory), and only after meaningful roleplay. For those who would rather play with their victims (or righteously lecture them to death) there’s a knockout command, as well as binding, gagging, etc. Options are good!

Our playerbase is, sadly, very small (if anyone has any constructive suggestions as to how to go about fixing that, please comment). Our wonderful community feels very passionate about this mud, and we’re hoping to watch it grow - with new and old players alike. As with all roleplay-based games, the world is what YOU make of it, so bring your friends! Bring your enemies! Our avatars (storytellers) are busy breathing life into the world, and are eager to help you tell your stories. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. We’re always looking for constructive ways to better the experience, especially for beginners.

We are always 100% free to play, so what is there to lose by giving it a look??

Please see our website HERE

Or join our Discord HERE

Thank you, and good luck!