ShadowGate: August 2019

The people over at ShadowGate have been working hard on breathing life back into our old game, and I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our amazing progress. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on:

  • Dozens of new spells have been added for our variety of casters (mages, sorcerers, bards, priests), bringing us to a current total of 540 spells. Our mages have been revamped so that, while they are able to cast every available spell, their chosen school spells are granted a great boost.

  • New prestige classes have been added for our end game players. Amongst many other choices, there are now hierophants (priests/druids), arcane archers (casters), rage prophets (barbarians) and eldritch knights (melee/caster).

  • The duelist feat tree has been added as a build for our melee users.

  • Warlocks are not stuck just summoning claws now - glaives and bows are also available.

  • Thief stab is now based on clevel, making it a much more viable option for multiclassing.

  • Feytouched have been added to the list of human subraces, joining tieflings, aasimars and genasi. Other new race additions: albino drow, aquatic elves, and lizardmen.

  • Paladins no longer need to rely on horses or lawful alignments, broadening their build and roleplay possibilities.

  • A new hints system is available to anyone just getting started to help ease the learning curve.

ShadowGate continues to offer awesome character customization (restrings galore), cool (magical) crafting options and a beautiful, large world full of color, quests, and ways to increase your power and leave your mark on the world. Our robust stat/feat/skill selection helps you to create the character of your tabletop dreams.

We’re going through a revival right now, and we’d love to have your support. Our avatars are gathering and gearing up to make the world come alive. Our amazing team of creators and admins will continue to tweak, and to build and to fix bugs, and - most importantly - to listen to player feedback. It’s a great time to jump right in:


Website: (even our website is new - have a look!)


Thank you for reading this, and have a beautiful day.