Serious problem with Comic Adventures MUX

I was playing on Comic Adventures MUX for a good while. It’s a very clique-oriented game, but there was one group that was great, so I rolled with it.

I even invited someone to come play. One of the nicest people I’ve ever run into on any mush. Just a pleasure to be around. She had expressed to me a concern about sexual harassment in comic-based games, so I asked the game owner (who logs in under the name Tifa Lockhart) whether she took sexual harassment seriously. Tifa assured me that she did, so I let my friend know, and she went to play.

My friend was almost immediately harassed through pages. I convinced her to let Tifa know, since Tifa had assured me that it would be taken seriously.

She ultimately refused to act. Key quotes:

Tifa Lockhart says, “And honestly, that’s why we have page locks. If someone is that sensitive over a page, and think that they’re being sexually harrassed, they can pagelock. And I do take sexual harassment seriously. But there was no sexual harassment that I could see.”

Tifa Lockhart says, “And I think she got run off over a miscommunication where she took a joke as sexual harassment.”

Tifa Lockhart says, “A joke is not sexual harrassment. I’m sorry, it just isnt. I’ve had to deal with a person on my own mush who has been doing a lot worse to me for YEARS.”

Most harassers like to claim their comments were just a joke, and that the victim was taking it too seriously. Sad to see a game owner defending sexual harassment that way.

Avoid this game, folks.

Please give your friend my condolences. I don’t play MUSHes much, I mostly play MUDs, and there doesn’t seem to be much (if any) sexual harassment going on there. Mostly, it’s hazing newbies and in PK-oriented MUDs, slaughtering lower levels over and over and over again.

She’s right. Jokes aren’t sexual harassment. And sexual harassment isn’t a joke.

Here’s an example of a joke:
What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

A stick.

Here’s an example of sexual harassment:
“Hey baby, let me clear a place for you to sit.”

wipes mustache

The second one is not a joke. Plain and simple. The fact that this Tifa person doesn’t understand that difference is part of the problem. If someone says to Tifa, “Are your tits as big as the character in the game?” Then gets told that’s inappropriate, and claims, “Well, I was just joking.” That doesn’t make it a joke.

See example: Schrodinger’s Douchebag:


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Well put, Ortallus. The whole “I was just kidding” defense gets used all the time, and I’m not a fan one bit.


Perhaps, though I know it is probably not going to happen, people should prefix a joke with “in jest,” or affix a “:)” to the end of it; this would remove any ambiguity as to the meaning.

No, no… you’re missing the point.

If I say, “Hey, you, make me a sandwich :)” that doesn’t make it a joke.

If I say, “In jest:” and then spout racism, that doesn’t make it a joke.

People need to learn the difference between bigotry and jokes. That’s the point.

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I’m sorry, I did miss the point.

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