S&DD Community Discussion


I dedicate this thread for open-minded discussion regarding the future developments of Slice&Dice MUD. This is not a general MUD promotion thread where only new updates would be posted. In this thread I would expect everyone to express their opinions freely and help me build a perfect bridge between conventional text-based MUDs and graphical RPGs.

That said, Slice&Dice Dungeon aims to become a graphical RPG that maintains full backwards-compatibility with telnet/command line. You can play it as a point-and-click RPG at http://sndd.io or you can ssh/telnet to sndd.io and play in the same universe from a command line. In fact, you can control the same character from the browser and from the telnet window simultaneously.

I will add more to this post later.

ssh sndd.io
telnet sndd.io (port 23)


I have written the codebase of S&DD completely from scratch in C++. That’s why the game has been seeing slightly slower progress than most new MUDs. The positive side is that I have complete freedom as an architect so a lot of cool things are possible.

Here’s something that I have in mind. This MUD will have simplified gameplay as opposed to the vast majority of other MUDs. This means that your character’s artificial intellect is responsible for micro tasks such as inventory management, equipping, looting and tactical decisions. This approach aligns well with the idea of automated role-play. If your character is supposed to have low intelligence then they are going to make stupid micro-decisions such as looting the “wrong” items whether you like it or not.

I’m also borrowing a lot from roguelikes such as Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, except I want Slice&Dice to be easy to play but hard to master while roguelikes are usually hard to play and even harder to master. This would allow me to get this game listed amongst io games ( http://io.games/ for example ). It would probably be the first io MUD :smiley: . What is more, io games and roguelikes typically have permadeath and I like it. For that reason, Slice&Dice has separated the concepts of the psyche and the body. Your psyche is immortal but your body will eventually die with all your material possessions. After that, the psyche can manifest in another body, taking over its material possessions and skills. A more experienced psyche will reincarnate in a body with a better starting position.

S&DD is also a slot machine. I need this part to fund the development. This does not mean that you couldn’t play it for free. It only means that I’m integrating online gambling with RPGs so that players from casinos would be freed from their absolutely boring repertoire of slots.

There are some things yet to be figured out, of course. For example, in MUDs we are used to fast-paced movements between rooms. But in graphical games moving around takes a lot more time. I want it to be more or less this way even in S&DD, so I’ll probably have to start messing around with time and space. Back in the day when I developed Arion (a long gone Estonian MUD) I devised this new concept I called “shadow trailing”.

The idea of shadow trailing is to leave a special kind of trail (a shadow trail) behind each character’s movement in the MUD. When another character steps in a room where this trail is, they will see as if the originator of that trail is still in the same room. However, the illusion of the originator will immediately leave to the direction where the trail leads. As a result, it is possible to track down other players without even knowing whether it is the real player or merely its shadow trail that you are chasing. This method makes PK very easy to happen. And it doesn’t make anyone cringe due to "some laws of MUD physics " getting brutally broken, because in MUDs time flows differently than in real life and for that reason, I can “bend time” in order to provoke PK.

I believe I can use the same concept I described above to visualize character movements in the graphical user interface while keeping movements fast in command line interface.