question for codebase developers


how to get new commands without waiting for each individual connection to enter one
our current probelm is noticed when fighting

we have a line that llooks like this:
for id, command, params in mud.get_commands():
*all command input below8

ive noticed when we have multiple players online that it waits for each individual (id) to enter a command. before continuing fight. i am wondering how i can get it to not run this line if a players fighting

i know htis is very limited info however curious if anyone else has had this hiccup and if i can get info on how they solved this so i may implement something similar to meet my own needs


You’re in python right? I’d take a look over at Evennia to see what they’re doing for command processing.

What does get_commands() do? Is there anyway of changing that to only respond with players that have queued up commands for processing? That way it skips players who are just sitting there?


So, the best way is to process this stuff based on i/o events from the internet connections, as opposed to having game processing threads that sit and block waiting for each connection to do something.

But, if you must do that, the other alternative is to move your fighting / game processing code to its own thread.