Python Coders Wanted

Hey there guys, I wrote a Python MUD from scratch – CamelotMUD – and am currently in the process of making it better.

I need some Python coders to aid me. You won’t get the full source code, but you’ll have the player class and required information to implement changes. Currently I need a group class, and an expansion of wear locations as well as a refit of the current object class.

Feel free to drop by at, although I reccomend that you connect manually to port 4000, with a regular MUD client.


I was on TMC and saw that you needed Python coders. I bought a Python course about 2 months ago and am almost finished with it, I have made a few projects and completed them, I am slightly familiar with OOP and maybe I could help you with you classes.

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Great! The MUD isn’t all too complex, and Python is very verbose. I’ll PM you my email, and we can coordinate from there.