Point and Click Building


The Worlds of Carnage MUD is always looking for new builders. We’ve had a point and click web-based interface for years that makes creating areas a cinch. There’s also an easy to use in-game Build Walk system that can immediately be accessed via the web builder.

On the scripting side we have BlobbieScript which is used for almost everything these days such as mobile, item, and room activities. Commands, skills, spells, dreams and pretty much anything a builder can think up. BlobbieScripted activities are great since they can be hot updated into the game without any downtime. There’s bazillions of functions, triggers. We have a robust profile system to keep incoming changes separate from active commands etc so that they can be released (all via the website) when ready. Additionally, we also have a granular permission system preventing other builders/immortals from examining new areas unless the owner grants permission.

Finally, we have bucketloads of documentation to help the avid builder make the most of scripting.

Check it out:

Build: https://www.wocmud.org/build/index.php
Script: https://www.wocmud.org/blobbieScript/index.php

Also, as has been requested in the past… I’ve written converters for other area formats to import into our MUD’s XML format.