Penumbra - Futuristic, post-apocalyptic survival RP


We have recently opened up our development server to new players, allowing people to check out our starting area.

To my surprise, players have been engaging in RP already and it’s been wonderful to see! We’ve had 12 unique characters playing over the past four hours.

I wanted to make a post, not necessarily to recruit new players - though if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to come check us out - but primarily because I wanted to explain that we are VERY early in development and only have basic commands right now.

We are working on new features every day and I’ll keep updating this threat with our improvements and information about our first upcoming organized RP event soon.

If you’d like to connect, our address is port 4002.

And if you need assistance or would like to say hello and share some feedback, you can reach me at

Thanks and happy RPing!