Old MUDs still open


For those of you who want to visit and play old MUDs, please post something about them here.

I’m one of the administrators of Midian, started in about 1992 and still running at midianmud.com port 3456

Midian really hasn’t changed much since 1994, because we went dark then until about 2001. It’s an eclectic mix of swords and sorcery, some history, some sci-fi, etc, much of it with a sense of humor. At our height we were one of the most popular MUDs, and we’ve had over 100 of our old players and wizzes return. If you want an authentic retro experience, please come visit!


DurisMUD (full pvp, racewar-based) is still alive and kicking! You can find more information at https://www.durismud.com, or directly check out our web-based PVP viewer here: https://www.durismud.com/pvp


DreamScapes MUD is still open.
dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org 4500

Started back in the 1990’s and was pretty popular up until the 2000’s
Not much action on there now, but who knows! Pop along and have a look round.


The Legends of Krynn is still open, after being revived from the dead.
play.legendsofkrynn.net 6100

Started in 2001 and had it’s run in popularity, but as the same as Andy, not much action on there now.

Hop on in and have some fun.


Ragnarok is still up and running. Things are being worked on, but it’s still a fun place to play. rag.com 2222


Darklord 2.0 - Will be operational again within a few hours. Have taken a break due to server being broke for a few months. So come on back to Darklord 2.0: The Blood Of Time.

darksix.org : 9100 or
darklord.evils.in : 9100


Forever running… Worlds of Carnage / Cythera

telnet wocmud.org 4000


God Wars: Apocalypse 20 yrs old and still active @ godwars.net port 6660 work has pretty much slowed to a standstill but there are still people playing. Tbh i can’t believe that it will be 21 on November 1st…


Northern Lights AberMUD - opened June 6th 1992 and has pretty much stayed open since then. (We’ve basically just been down a couple days here and there due to power failures, server crashes and such.)

You will find us at aber.ludd.ltu.se port 6715 - there isn’t a whole lot of activity, but we do have regular visitors and runners. Some of our long time players have even introduced the game to their kids. :smile:


Great to see a few MUDs surviving for decades.

tbaMUD going strong since 2000 and the codebase will never die thanks to GitHub and all of its contributors.

The Builder Academy


Nice to see so many older muds still running! Kallisti Mud has been running since 1992 with only a small break to run as Eris from 1996 to 1998. It’s been continually updated over the years and a smaller but dedicated player base.

Address: kallistimud.com 4000


Since we’re still in the closed ‘admins only’ period, I’ll give a shoutout to my fellow mud operators.

The Last Outpost, serving up adventure since July of 1992. Proud member of the TMC community since 1995.

I’m glad to see you all. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll join the list of oldtimers. 4 Dimensions has been up and running since 1995, and even though I am the only one of the original Admins who is still active, we keep contact with several of the old coders over e-mail, and they step in and help, whenever the site goes down for some reason that I cannot fix.

We were never very big on players, but the ones we have usually stay very long, and many the oldtimers still pop in just to chat a bit.
More info on our website, https://4dimensions.org/ (check the wiki for game details).
The mud itself can be found on 4dimensions.org Port 6000


SneezyMud.org is fully operational and actively worked on. It has been around since May 1992.
There is a web client, no need for any software to play. If you do use your own, we are on port 7200.

Over 300 individual zones ranging from 25-500 rooms each. Nearly 5000 unique mob types. Many thousands of usable objects. Huge world to explore!
Fantasy based. Role-playing encouraged. 8 playable classes! Multi-classing! 14 playable races! All progress and equipment saved.

Be a hero.


The Void, running since 1989, unique adult social MUD (not MUSH). We use to call them MUGs, technically Multi-user Game, but really because anyone who paid the very heavy phone charges back then had to be a MUG.

void.greenfinch.com 1234



Also a note for Shades, which went live way back in 1986!

games.world.co.uk 23



Heya SneezyMud! We used to be hosted on the same Cray SMP SuperServer in the early 90’s. Remember sprinkle.cray.com? :smile:


Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset is up and running at thefinalsunset.com 4888. We started July 2001 and just recently came back online with lots of code changes.


We’re an established older MUD (starts in December of 1998), we’re in the process of trying to pull more players in/back to celibate our 20th anniversary. Feel free to stop by and join us.

tharel.net port 5005


End of Time might have only been listed on TMC since May of 2013 and has a “MUD Created” date of 2005, but it really dates back, in some form, since 1999.

tl;dr: Realmz of Delusion informed much of the development of Cleft of Dimension, including some areas being transplated from RoD almost directly, which End of Time split off from CoD in 2003, so despite the “created” and listing date, we date back that far.

A bunch of us were playing a Final Fantasy based MUD called Realmz of Delusion that was built on ROM as early as 1998, which is where I really trace the lineage of my game. During 1999 RoD’s head build started working on a side project game called Genesia also based on ROM. A friend and I joined the project and was working on a mythology based planet (which would be one of many planets) while we were also working on and playing RoD. In early 2001, we got word that the MIA owner of RoD was shutting the game down, so we scrambled to have a playable ‘replacement’ Final Fantasy based MUD setup in time to migrate the playerbase over, so we took Genesia, worked day and night for 2 weeks converting it to a Final Fantasy theme, used our mythology planet’s world map for the new game, called it Cleft of Dimension. We migrated the playerbase over the following 2 weeks, also trying to salvage from RoD what we could (I spent a bit of time cloning areas I built for RoD over to CoD as well). As you can imagine, there’s a lot with that game that was subpar in quality and very rushed, because, well, it was very rushed. But we had something passable and playable before RoD was gone for good.

We (6 of us as the original founders) opened Cleft of Dimension in March of 2001 and listed on TMC in September 2001. I maintain that listing and a copy of the codebase as it existed at around 2003-2004.

Fast forward a couple of years and a bit of drama later… CoD split into two MUDs… I and another left with a copy of the game and setup it was End of Time, while CoD continued with none of the original founders shortly after. Spotty development on EoT continued through 2003 and 2004, much of the earliest development focused around both completing concepts that never came to be on CoD and to rework areas, hometowns, and similar to give EoT a distinct identity apart from CoD.

My partner left the project after FFXI became a big thing and it laid dormant for around a year and a half and in late 2005 I brought the project back up myself. This is where the “2005” date comes into play. I started mostly just reworking old areas, redoing descriptions on some of my own areas I was never happy with, etc. In 2006 I had a couple of pretty sizable contributors and the code really started toward the path that led us to where we are today, and during the course of that I learned and became compentent in handling most code related things myself.

But yeah, there are actual, definable elements in the game that date back to work I’ve put into the codebase as far back as 1999, while 2001 is when we converted the codebase to Final Fantasy themed. Going on 20 years now…