Nixmud a new codebase and game to play


Still mid development a unique mud experience…
written in python and json

job change abilty,
level jobs independtly,
easy codebase allowing for
race additions, new jobs and we are working on a map building application to allowbuilders a nice lil graphical toolkit window for creating new maps.

Unique fantasy story where we poke at cultural and gaming references alike,
sarcastic responses and a dark humored game.

this is a brand new codebase still being written in an attempt to bring back oldschool unforgiving
online roleplaying games.

let’s hear it for savage deathpenalties and a brandnew codebase <3

check out links at in the projects tab and we will keep you up to date when our server gets to finished stages n goes live.


we should be finishing core functions this coming week and working out old bugs.

once we add a threat table to game and finish the character sheet we will be putting it up live

though still unpolished would love if people would be willing to check it out


Hey, this sounds great. I’ll try to stop by soon.