New Mudlist Fields


I know the form for adding and editing a listing looks completely different now so I wanted to point out that there are some new listing options. I added a category pull-down which works with the revised category search (on the listings page). Four ‘extra feature’ spaces were added so you can make a note of things that are unique to your mud that do not have a special form field to cover, they are displayed at the bottom of your mud description.

Today at the suggestion of RahjIII I added a Client Link field (its beside the client recommendation field in the extra options section). This new field is for muds that have a recommended client where your mud can be directly linked to via a web-friendly protocol. When this field is specified this will change the default Play Now link for your mud wherever the Play Now button is displayed.



Hey, thanks! I tried out the new ‘play now’ and client link field, and it works. Soooo much better! :smile:


I’m very happy to see the addition of whether a game is pay for perks. Just wanted to throw that out there :slight_smile:


Um… Is there a typo here: “Is the Mud Play-to-Play? ( ex. the mud requires payment )” ?? Should it be “Pay-to-Play” ??

Other than that, it’s looking absolutely WONDERFUL! Love the new fields!!


Yep - was a typo! Thanks for pointing it out, its fixed now. :slight_smile: