New MUD: Realms of Myst


Realms of Myst is a text MUD with a medieval fantasy theme, like a computerized dungeons and dragons. The genre is fantasy with magic and wizards and mythical creatures, but also not without an occasional deviation and a sense of humor. Stock areas as well as new original areas are included. You will have a new world to explore!

Role playing (RP) is encouraged: there is an order for RP and a class (Bard) for those who would prefer roleplay over gameplay. Player vs. player combat (pkill) is allowed by the peaceful/deadly system. There are 12 player classes and 2 “Hero” classes, 15 races and some will have a special racial area.

A reboot of an earlier attempt in 2008, “RoM” is starting up again and needs new players and administrators alike. Some areas are unfinished; we need help with that too. So you have a chance for a new world to explore as a player or to build areas as an immortal.

(check out: Lizardmen, Vampires, Mages, Rangers, Seekers, expanded training academy and main city.) 4422 4422