New MUD: Realms of Myst


Realms of Myst is a text MUD with a medieval fantasy theme, like a computerized dungeons and dragons. The genre is fantasy with magic and wizards and mythical creatures, but also not without an occasional deviation and a sense of humor. Stock areas as well as new original areas are included. You will have a new world to explore!

Role playing (RP) is encouraged: there is an order for RP and a class (Bard) for those who would prefer roleplay over gameplay. Player vs. player combat (pkill) is allowed by the peaceful/deadly system. There are 12 player classes and 2 “Hero” classes, 15 races and some will have a special racial area.

A reboot of an earlier attempt in 2008, “RoM” is starting up again and needs new players and administrators alike. Some areas are unfinished; we need help with that too. So you have a chance for a new world to explore as a player or to build areas as an immortal.

(check out: Lizardmen, Vampires, Mages, Rangers, Seekers, expanded training academy and main city.) 4422 4422



The domain name server is working correctly now:
You can reach Realms of Myst at 4422

Also RoM now has a webpage:
Here you can get maps, directions, mud clients, and other stuff.


Fondle thy rodent and enter


Yea, for in strange nights it came to pass that the invisible world doth fill the minds of men; a web that doth encompass verily the wide world ensnaring the vision of foolish mortals staring bewitched into glowing boxes of light, fondling tailed bulbous things they call mouses with their hand.


Realms of Myst Update:

I put up a News and Promotion page on my website:
see and

I added a compass, even though I don’t like them.

Two nice stock areas are available for download: The Sentinel and The Gauntlet
as a package. (The Gauntlet required extensive fixing.)

And this “Promo” :
Why should you play on Realms of Myst as opposed to another MUD?
I want the Realms of Myst world to be more responsive to player desires than
some other muds I have seen, allowing players to modify their characters and
equipment more easily, through glory points. I want players to be able to make
a difference in the world and will implement clans, orders, or other such mud
organizations if there are players with a vision who want to create them.
Builders and creativity are welcome.