New Mud Forums host and repository


Hey folks come hang out with us.

I was so sad to see that no longer has their legendary forums… so in the process of wanting to give back to a community I’ve belonged to for 20+ years…
All are welcome… please come by… Register

Open FORUMS yall no lengthy registration process or post reviews…

I’m currently looking for staff as well so if your interested in moderation or web designs contact me by email


I think, judging from all the ‘china duplex welded steel’ posts, you might want to revisit your stance on open forums, lengthy registration, and post reviews. :smile:


Nah… I intend to closely moderate these type of posts… keeping it open is right… also shows that people from search engines are finding the site… but your right. I really have nothing to do every day all day so I’ll be watching. Hoping to revitalize our once extremely involved mud community back together… I see alot of folks I played with before we got involved in development so I’m excited to see a turn out. Ty brother for your insights.