looking for something!

Lately I’ve been in the mood of doing the following:

  • Having a fleet
  • Capturing some more things to add to my fleet to make it more powerful, so that I can capture more powerful things.
    That means I’m in the mood to play a pirate, or an admiral, or anything similar. So I ask you, is there a mud that would allow me to do that?

Thanks in advance

Actually our mud, 4dimensions.org, could offer you all this - and in two different Dimensions. Both our PreHistoric and our Future Dimensions, have large grids, (sea or space), where ships or spaceships can navigate and move around. The ships of course can be boarded and, once found, taken over by your own crew.

All ships are armed with long range weapons for use on other ships, and can accomodate large crews. And all around the shores or planets are treasures to capture and foes to fight.

What we however can NOT offer you, is a large playerbase to share all this with, and to form the opposing fleet.

Lately our playerbase has dwindled to next to nothing, and there is a definite risk thar you might find a virtually empty game port when you log on. The Mud is of course srill fully functional and up and running; what we lack is players to enjoy all our features. So to live out your dream in our world, you’d have to bring your own group of players along…

This is a situation that we share with many other text muds nowadays. In fact, I am afraid that the entire Text mud genre, which gave my own generation so much joy and excitement, is slowly going to dwindle down to nothing, and disappear from the Net. I am also not sure what could stop this slow degeneration, unless there were some nostalgic world wide reports from the mass media to sparkle the interest again.

Which again doesn’t sound likely to happen…

First of all, thanks for the reply, and I will be sure to check 4dimensions. As for the playerbase that is, even a bit too true… Now adays empty muds are an ordinary sight, and the thing is that empty mud usually stay empty because people see them empty and logoff. Fortunately however, they are still on, so that those who enjoy them can at least try to repopulate them, and that is an appreciable effort for sure!