Looking for Godwars coders to help integrate godwars to an easier system


Darkened Lights… Created and ran from 2004-2006
Now re-opened and wont be stopping as i am now
disabled and stuck at home with a broken back.

Right now I need help with coding the mud is buggy but operable. I want to pull alot of the merc code into CIRCLEMUD. which as we all know is the easiest codebase to work on.

So far I’ve got four classes coded. Our death code is my prize… instead of dying and recalled with no eq no status. You are sent to hell to retrieve gold to persuade Lucifer to free you from hell. Fully operation decapitation for status. It’s real close yall… I just need help intergrating…I also have body part routine working.

Ideas for future: integration of research and disciplines.
More in depth fighting system. Help with debugging.
Need to fix copyover system.

innotek.ml 4000

join my forums lets get MUDS alive again.

If you register you will be given a unix account.

Also i am providing free website/mud development accounts - no questions asked.


@Mayhem420, your link seems to be broken.