Looking for an unique crafting focused MUD


Hi, I posted this on the old forum last year. Now I am posting here too. Hoping to find some new answers. I’m looking for a MUD which has:

  1. not forced role-play
  2. not permadeath
  3. newbie friendly (few people who can guide or help, as most of the MUDs don’t have good wiki)
  4. player housing (either buy or construct)
  5. Most important: very deep crafting system. Crafting materials should have own attributes or properties (i.e. for ingots: hardness, durability etc) which will affect end product. Recipes should not be fixed like you have to craft a sword from iron ingots + maple hilt, rather, the recipe will be like this - sword = (any metal ingots/wood planks/stone blocks for blade)+(any metal ingots/wood planks/stone blocks for hilt). So you can make
    iron sword with maple hilt, iron sword with limestone hilt, steel sword with copper hilt etc lots of combinations according to my choice. Of course the materials used will affect the craft according to their properties. There should be a lot of materials to play with. I know DragonRealms matches my criteria here. But are there any other MUDs?

Thank you ;D


I would recommend CLOK, but I’m also in the process of designing a MUD that sounds a lot like this.


That sounds like it would be a fun mud to play, the crafting aspect that deep would be really fun!


You could try 4 Dimensions.
Our crafting system is under development and not yet finished, but so far we’ve got Textileworking and Leatherworking basically running, with lots of different raw materials and several steps to develop it into usable products.
There is also a full system of Traders in all 4 Dimensions, who will buy both the raw material and the procucts.
If you visit Crafter’s Alley northeast of Olde Yorke, (which is the central city in the Medieval Dimension), you’ll get an idea of where the system is headed.
Also, we match all your other criteria.
And above all; we’ve got 4 large and unique worlds for the players to explore, and a large number of more or less complicated quests, for those who like some extra brainwork. :slight_smile:
4Dimensions.org Port 6000


Thank you everyone for your reply.

@borg, what is the name of your game? How much is done? I agree with @failedreality, sounds like fun.

@molly.4d, I tried 4d a bit. Went to space dimension of tutorial. I will give it a try again. Are you updating the game regularly?

Can anyone tell me about crafting of Shadows of Isildur? I know it is rp enforced.


Adventures Unlimited - Tharel.net might just check all your boxes!

we have armor-smith, weapon-smith, jewelry and Miners trade guilds available on an RP mud (RP enforced only in Player Killer) No perm death, no looting of any kind by other players.

we have multiple metals to find and use some better then others and some can only be found using the miners trade guild.


Try Gates of Krynn. Built on top of CoffeeMUD 5.9.7 we have dozens of different crafting skills, with purchasable, extendable, customizable player and clan housing, as well as a clan enchant system. We’re RP encouraged, but not enforced. Theme is Dragonlance, 4th Age, leading up to the Chao War. No permadeath, and we’re pretty newbie friendly. Lots of help files and documentation, as well as friendly people to help out.

The crafting system isn’t exactly as you described, but it’s pretty close. You can choose the materials used for your item. So say your sword needed metal for the blade and wood for the hilt, then you could use any metal and any wood. All different resource types have different qualities and benefits.

We’re at gatesofkrynn.com port 4500 and http://gatesofkrynn.com/




So far we’re in pre-alpha, so it won’t be available to the public for a while, but the name we’ve got (subject to change) is redMUD.


We are updating the game - but regularly? Hardly. :slight_smile:
I’d rather describe it as irregularly. Updates usually take a long time, especially when they are complex, and our crafting system, which is driven by scripts, definitely is complicated, We have a couple of people, each working on a specific craft, and the coder and I are the ones that will make sure that the different crafts interact correctly, once they are finished.

As an other example: I am presently deep into building a very large new zone myself. It is 1000 rooms big and encompasses Asia Minor, with the Battle of Troy, the legendary city of Colchis, an eastern religion, the secret stronghold of the Amazons, an invading tribe of Scythian Nomads and several Trading Centers, because trading will be a main factor.
The problem is; this zone has been over a year in the making so far, and although about 80% of it is done, I still don’t see it being finished within the next three months…

I think the situation is similar for many muds of today. To an outsider it might seem as if not much is happening, but in the sidewings work is still in progress. And sooner or later, when it unfolds, it does so with a BANG!