Looking for a new mud to play



I’m searching for a mud to play which fits my interests, which I will detail below. I hope someone can recommend a good game for me to play, since I already tried quite a few and never really found the right one.

So, here is what I’m looking for:
At least 10-24 players online. When I have a question, I want to be able to actually ask someone. :smiley: Besides, playing alone is not the point of a mud.
Since I’m blind, I don’t like big wilderness maps full of ascii characters. In fact, I need a game where I don’t have to read ascii at all to play, be it maps or other stuff.
No open PK. I don’t like it and want to be able to opt out completely if PK is in a game.
No enforced RP. If I want to talk OOC, I want to be able to. Besides, RP is not really my thing at all.
Distinct classes or guilds. I don’t like games where every guild learns basically the same skills, maybe getting 3 or 4 unique ones along the way.
No multiclassing or remorting. I want to play my chosen guild, and I don’t want to start over after so many levels, no matter what bonusses I might get.
Saving of equipment over logouts and reboots as well! I just want to keep my stuff.
Quitting without rent. I just want to be able to quit the game where I stand if I need to, without loosing my eq.
No deathtraps, as in walking into a room and dying. I just hate those.

I like quests in a mud, actually they often are the main fun for me. But I also have a few wishes regarding quests.
No rules against sharing of questinfo. I just hate to not be able to ask for help when I’m really stuck.
Being able to get a list of available quests, a bit of info on where to start and what level they are for. In my oppinion, these are important information and I don’t want to guess where to find quests or if I’m high level enough to actually do one.
No random autoquests like killing a random mob and coming back, I like real quests with a bit of plot to them.

Well, I realize this list might be kind of long, but I really want to find the right game for me. So, sorry to everyone who finds it to long.
And thanks to everyone who maybe can recommend a game for me!

Best regards


Please give Asteria a try. While we don’t have the amount of players currently active that you are looking for (we officially opened on December 5th, we have many of the features you are looking for:

No wilderness maps or ascii characters utilized. We do utilize ascii characters for some layouts, however simply type CONFIG LINES to remove them.

No PK. Our focus is on PVE and the cooperation.

Our goal is to promote RP through a variety of means, however our CHAT channel is OOC and is where the majority of communications have been taking place.

We have no classes; rather, we have an open skilled system that lets you customize the character you want. There is a limit, meaning you are unable to learn everything. We also have 4 unique guilds that can be joined, each providing different abilities and spells to further customize.

No remort.

You can logout at any time (the exception being right after combat) and everything saves. And no rent. Nor deathtraps.

We have well over 900 quests available throughout the world, encouraging players to explore different areas. A journal system helps keep everything organized and provide details about the quest without having to go back to the location.

In any event, we are also looking for feedback from those who use a screen reader. Our goal is to provide a game where anyone can enjoy playing without requiring extensive scripts or special client information. So, even if you decide we aren’t a good fit, we’d love any feedback you could provide.


Asteria Staff

asteriamud.com: 1111


Nothing wrong with being very specific about what you like! I’m curious how willing you are to bend on any of those or if each of them is 100% set in stone deal breakers?


CoffeeMUD meets some of your desires. Depending on time of day, we can hit your player quota, but we normally only have 4-10 players on at a time, most of whom are eager to help new players. We have a player base of about 50 active players, but they play at many different times in the day and week.

CoffeeMUD is VI friendly. We try to avoid ASCII graphics, all though there are a few instances of ASCII graphics…but the content of them is not required to participate in the MUD (some areas have fancy signs stating you are entering that area).

PK is entirely optional. On the normal port (port 2323), you would have to turn ON PK to participate. Few players actually PK much on our MUD.

We have plenty of non-RP communications methods for you to communicate with others. You won’t be penalized for OOC chat in says, but we do ask that if you find someone in-game who is highly in character, you respond in kind. In other words, you don’t need to RP, but don’t destroy someone else’s game experience if you don’t want to.

CoffeeMUD has over 40 distinct classes, including some non-combat classes. Each class has enough options to be a unique character within their class to level 91 (our max level), although most Paladins will end up looking like a Paladin with minor differences at 91…they will look nothing like a Monk at 91.

We have Multiclassing options available (so if you wanted to be a 45 Paladin/46 Monk, you could do so, and look nothing like a 91 Paladin or a 91 Monk). We have multiple forms of REMORT (breeding and Remort), but these are optional systems.

Equipment on your person is saved with your character when you log out, regardless of where you log out at (no rent on port 2323). You can even buy personal property or create/join a clan and get clan property which will save anything left on that property.

I hate deathtraps as well…both the hard coded death traps, and less obvious ones (like entering a zone that causes you to insta-die). We try to avoid such scenarios by adding signage or other indications when there is danger ahead, but we don’t outright restrict level 1 players from entering a level 91 area with hostile creatures, so that players may enter any area they desire (just read the signs, please!). Most areas also have a start room that mobs can’t enter, so if you are monitoring which area you are in (via WHERE or a custom PROMPT), you should be ok if you accidentally step across a boundary.

We have many areas, some that are modified stock, some randomly generated, and some highly customized. You can adventure to level 91 using any of the three areas exclusively, or in combination.

Sharing quest information should be done in private (via TELLs or SAYs), so as not to give spoilers to people who don’t want them. We won’t penalize you for sharing quest information, but we also ask that you respect others playstyles and don’t ruin their experience. Again, most of our player-base is very willing to help or give pointers.

CoffeeMUD has lots of options and lots of flexibility. We are a growing community that has been around since 2001, and actively update our code. I know that you would love our story line for the Lily Pad Pond, a low level area suitable for levels 1-10 with custom quests and story line. We also have a wiki, wiki.coffeemud.net, that may provide answers to some of your questions. I don’t know how Screen-Reader-friendly the wiki is, though.

If CoffeeMUD meets enough of your desirements, please check us out at coffeemud.net port 2323. I hope to see you online.



Asteria sounds interesting. I just had a look at the wiki and I think I’m going to give it a try, thanks for recommending it.
Regarding my list, I’m not really willing to bend on anything, except maybe the amount of players, but only when the game is really good and fits otherwise, and when there is at least anyone else online to ask questions. But otherwise, my list is pretty much set in stone, sorry. I just tried so many muds already and pretty much know what I like and don’t like in a game.
Well, just let’s see what else comes up, thanks for the replies so far!
Best regards


I understand the trepidation about a MUD where administrators are allowed to play regular characters. But I do not agree that that always leads to abuse. Certainly it can and I have recently read about some examples. But on the MUD I used to play, nobody was allowed to become an Immortal until they had played the game for a long time and demonstrated good behavior. The new Immortals were subjected to a lot of scrutiny and being spied upon by the highers to see that they did not cheat. I don’t recall anybody ever having a problem with it there. I also Imm’d on a mud called Nemesis. I was both a builder and I had mortal characters. I never felt any desire to cheat or do special favors for my mortal. The only sneaky thing I did was once when a group of players were talking about the Immortals I joined in (as my mortal character) just to hear what they said. :slight_smile:


Kallisti has all of your requirements except for the no deathtraps. There is a spell called protection from death that will prevent you from going into a deathtrap and the traps aren’t numerous.

We do have a custom Tintin++ setup for blind players and we have a number of blind players. We support MSDP and MSP.

For your list:

  1. We usually have around 10-15 on most of the time and sometimes up to 20 and all are helpful to new players.
  2. We don’t have ASCII maps.
  3. No open PK and no enforced roleplay.
  4. We have 5 base classes with the option at level 10 to choose a subclass of your class. There is no multiclassing or remoting.
  5. You can camp anywhere and it doesn’t cost anything.
  6. We have a number of quests and puzzle areas and players can help each other with figuring them out. We have a list of the quests, the minimum level for each of them, and where to start them in the help. We do have a few autoquests but those are not required and are announced on their own channel.

I hope that you will look at giving us a try. www.kallistimud.com and kallistimud.com 4000
Ivy, coadmin at Kallisti.


I’d like to suggest that you give KallistiMud a try. We have all your requirements except for the no deathtraps but we do have a spell called protection from death that prevents you from entering deathtraps and we don’t have a lot of deathtraps.

We do have a Tintin++ client for blind players and a number of blind players and have MSDP and MSP set up.

For your list:

  1. We usually have about 10-15 on regularly and up to 20 on most nights. Most of the players are helpful with answering questions.
  2. We don’t have any large ASCII maps currently.
  3. There isn’t open PK and no enforce roleplay.
  4. We have 5 distinct starting classes and each one of those has from 2-4 subclasses that can be selected from at level 10.
  5. There isn’t any multiclassing or remoting.
  6. You can camp for free anywhere and come back with your equipment. You also keep your equipment on death.
  7. We have a number of quests and they are all listed in the help with the name, the minimum level, and the zone that they start in. There aren’t any rules about players sharing quest info. We do have some autoquests but those are not required and are announced on a special channel.

You didn’t list it but the immortals at kallisti are responsive to questions and can provide assistance. I hope that you will give us a try. Our website is www.kallistimud.com and our url is kallistimud.com 4000

Ivy, coadmin at KallistiMud.
I apologize if I posted twice. I posted on and it didn’t show me anywhere that I had.


thanks for all you answers so far.
I gave Asteria and Coffeemud a try, but they both had some problems for me.
In Asteria, the quests are too simple for my taste. It’s just killing a mob and coming back or getting an item and coming back in most cases. But the bigger problem for me there is, that you have a quest journal which doesn’t show in which area you started the quest. I started one in the starting village, but the journal didn’t show that, but instead said under location basically something like anywhere in the world. If I have around 50 quests accepted, this doesn’t help me to find my way back and finish it. And, when you accept a quest from an npc, the npc in question still shows as having a quest for you. It would be better if it would say something like accepted quest or something.
Well, in coffeemud I just have one major problem. Tons of empty lines in my output window! I honestly can’t review any text properly with my screenreader if every second line just say nothing and I have to scroll up three pages to find what I’m looking for. To be honest, that made me stop playing after quite a short time.
I’ll give Kalisti a try and see how it goes, although the thought of needing a spell to not walk into deathtraps is something which throws me off a bit. Besides, the Tintin client is only for Linux and Mac, and I’m on windows. And the webpage sounds like there are only quests for lower levels, but I honestly like it when quests kind of carry me through the whole game experience. But since it seems to be a bliend-friendly game, I’ll at least give it a look.
Again, thanks for writing in, maybe I’ll find my perfect fit in a game some day. :smiley:
Best regards


Try AVP: avpmud.com port 4000.
While its playerbase is not too high, it is a fantastic MUD that deserves the players it used to have just a couple years ago.

It is highly blind friendly, colors can be toggled off, there are no ascii maps, and the only ascii art is when you first connect.

It is straightforward, while it retains a measure of simplicity, it is also complex, in its own way.


This topic interests me. I’d like to have a word with some blind people because I’m devving a brand new codebase from scratch and I want to make it playable for the blind too. but I have no idea how it feels like playing a MUD while being blind, so I don’t know how to do it properly.

another question, do blind people go to online casinos?


I don’t think blind people gamble much, if at all, @Hyena.

Besides that, I’m thinking that perhaps blind people will love MUDs with sound, as it adds to the experience.

If you want to feel how it is like to play MUDs while blind, put on headphones and use a screenreader, and headphones, close your eyes and play a MUD – that should give you a basic idea.


ok thanks for the answer. I’ve often wondered that maybe blind people would gamble if there were games specifically made in a way that they are convenient for the blind. btw, there’s also voice command tech. for a mud voice commands would be rather trivial addon, don’t you think? would blind people benefit from voice detection based commands?


I believe any speech to text would take place on the client side?

But certainly that would be a good assist to the blind.


yes it’s client side stuff. muds should be rather trivial to port to speech-to-text as they are all command lines anyway, and most of the time the commands are trivial, such as “kill human”.