Looking for a mud

I’m looking for a MUD, specifically, one that I can play from a 20 character x 4 columns screen.

No game-vital text should exceed 20 characters, and room descriptions and other texts that exceed 20 characters should be able to be toggled off.

A medieval/fantasy setting would be perfect, though I would play other genres if they matched the above criteria.

That’s a pretty big
ask do you realize
how small 20 char
acters is?

I don’t know of any game that caters to your specifications, but if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you could probably use a client to do it for you. MUSHclient has some pretty powerful scripting tools.

Yeah, that’s going to be pretty tough to find.

I’m interested in why it needs to be 20 characters though.

To be readable on a smart watch :laughing:

I have a 20x4 char LCD Char display and it would be neat to be able to play a MUD on it.

Not going to lie, that would be kinda fun.