Looking for a MUD with a specific class type...

Looking for a MUD, preferrably ROM based, with a class that is a hybrid of warriors and mages/sorcerer. Sometimes called a Myrmidon, FFV called them Mystic Knights. Ideally I’m hoping for something closer to the FFV version that used its magic mainly to enhance its weapon and strike, but I’m flexible. Obviously would prefer one that has people on at almost all hours of the day. Doesn’t need to be dozens, even under 10 as long as there’s usually someone around to socialize with and ask questions to.

You are welcome to try AU! diku rom based - we have the myrmidon class but it may not be what you’re expecting. It is certainly a combination of warrior and mage but they rely on elemental runes found through out the lands for their true power,hard to master all their spell groups but certainly worth the effort. Our numbers could be better but I fear that’s the case with most muds these days

Tharel.net 5005

End of Time is a Final Fantasy based (heavily modified) ROM that has a Knight class that is a blend of fighter and magic user.

Along with skills such as parry, shield block, bash, disarm, power break, armor break, enhanced damage, etc. they also get access to the full range of elemental magic (Mages being the only other class that does) and unique to the class is once they master the first spell in any given element, they unlock the “sabre” spell for that element which allows them to cast on themselves to add that element to any of their melee attacks. There are a small handful of other spells and magical abilities they can gain access to.

Mystic Knights were a direct line of thought when designing the class, and that term is even mentioned in their helpfile in that regard.

Our class system also works on a “promotion” basis, that is at level 50 you have the option to continue as an Advanced Knight, or specialize into a Paladin or Dark Knight (and once the level cap is raised above 80, there will be similar “stay the course” or “specialize” options).

As far as player numbers, there’s usually someone around, but we are in a bit of a downturn on the playerbase right now (our numbers tend to cycle, often seasonally), but if that doesn’t bother you too much, it sounds like we offer exactly what you are asking for in the class.

You can connect via eotmud.com port 4000

More information can be found on our website (the site is pretty terrible, mostly just an info-dump, but it’s there if you want to look)

I’m actually an old mayor from back in the day. “Azura”. When I went to poke back I saw my pfile was gone, but when I checked the rules it makes sense as absences result in deletion. Tried to get back into it but it was hard.

For what it’s worth, we are several years (I feel like 10+) past our last pwipe. I’m committed to us never having another, and only did the last one because we were still pretty heavy in core development.

I’ve become a master of using versioning to introduce changes to avoid that sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:

The Myrmidon class seems interesting. I made one on Durion’s MUD,
Tharel.net 5055. I’d recommend not doing what I did and customizing your
character to the max. The Augurer class on my MUD is also a warrior/mage
class. They get a powerful spell called “spiral blast”. They should also
be able to enchant weapons; this is a common skill. I think you can find
lots muds with a warrior/mage class. These days most are starving for
players, though.