Looking for a MUD to get lost in

Hi there! so… I’m considering getting back into mudding, but I have NO IDEA where to go as there’s a surprising number of choices and I’m a bit overwhelmed here, So I figured I’d post some stuff, see if anyone could point me towards a good mud to poke at.

I’m looking for a mud that likes exploration. Things like multiple zones for a given level range, quests that have parts in multiple zones. Maybe some events that occasional shake things up. Stuff that gives me reason to wander the world a bit and not just camp out the best grinding spot for my current level until it’s time to move to the next one. I’m basically looking for a place to get lost and stumble into cool stuff in.

On a similar note. Wilderness maps are cool, as they give a really good sense of scale to the world, but in my experience you usually just teleport around or zip past it all on mounts or transports. If there’s a MUD that makes exploring or traveling the wilderness interesting I’d certainly like to her about it.

I’m not really interested in PvP. I’m a PvE guy and I find my normal antics challenging enough without other players randomly trying to kill me.

I’m also not too interesting in roleplay, I’m mostly looking to go adventuring and build up my character.

Any other interesting stuff as far as classes, crafting, unique systems in general? It’s cool but not needed. I’m also not too worried about player size as well… I know MUDs aren’t as popular as they used to be.

Finally I’ll note I recently installed Mudlet, so if a MUD makes good use of that that’d be nice, though I’m OK with having to download a different client if needed.

Anyway my rambling makes sense, I’m looking forward to see what kind of stuff gets suggested.

End of Time might be a good fit. To respond to your specifics…

We have a large world (nearly 200 areas) with several areas per level range. We’ve been at it for 12+ years so there’s plenty of content. Our focus is shifting toward more and more quests, but there are quests available as is.

We have an 800k “room” wilderness map, and while chocobo mounts are introduced at some point, it just allows the player to move more rooms at a time. Our transports really only get you between different continents across the oceans… I felt sense of scale was very important so we don’t really have many ways to zip around the world.

We allow limited PVP, but no one really participates. Our main focus is PVE. We are RP accepted, but don’t actively encourage it (anymore, it never really took off).

We have a lot of custom, interesting systems you won’t find elsewhere.

We are a Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger based MUD that aims for the JRPG feel. Our playerbase is a bit thin at the moment, but there’s plenty to do and people do stop in throughout the day.

eotmud.com port 4000

My own mud, 4Dimensions, seems to be almost exactly what you are looking for, since
explorarion and questing are actually our main features.

4D is very old mud with en enourmously large world, about 140 zones that are totally unique for 4D. (Actually we have 4 different worlds, each in a different time zone; Prehistoric, Medieval, OldWest and Future).
Most of the zones are of the traditional type, but we also have a number of wilderness grids to tie them together, so the Mudlet maps will be looking good to you. Even without a client, you can type “map” anywhere in the game, to get a simplified map of your surroundings, but I really recommend MUSHclient or Mudlet, where I think you’ll find 4D among the available maps).

We also have around 120 different quests, which range from very easy, to really complex multi-tiered quests, where you may have to visit several dimensions to solve the tasks.

All of this is tied together around Recall Point, where you also will find Mud school and a lot of information about the zones and quests. You can also check the Wiki on our Website for more detailed information.
(Look under Zones or Quests for instance).
There are extensive Help files on many subjects both on line and in the Wiki. (Try just typing “Help” anywhere on line, and you’ll get the full index).

Playerkilling is optional in 4D, and pkillers are only allowed to attack other registered pkillers, so you don’t have to worry about that. Some of our players like to roleplay, but not everyone. RP was never a big feature in 4D, and is certainly not required. We are all for the free choice of players here.

What else? Well, we have Crafting of course, even if only parts of the 4 planned occupations is finished so far; Textileworker, and parts of Leatherworker.
You will find the necessary tools and all information about it in Crafters Alley, which is situated in the Northeast corner of Old Yoke (the central city in the Medieval Dimension). There is also an extensive Trading system, where Trader mobs all over the worlds will buy your crafted items and other valuable objects that you can pick up along the way, for a fair price. Trading is actually one of our main features, and the Tokens that you get for that, and for Questing, are useful for many things.

In the OldWest Dimension, we also have a Ranch open for players. , where you can raise your own herds of cattle or sheep, and drive them to the market to sell. (Naturally you can sheer the sheep and milk or skin the cows, the products are raw materiels for crafting and cooking).

I’ll stop there, but I’ll guarantee you one thing: You will never run out of things to do in 4Dimensiones.
So welcome to have a try! :slight_smile:

I almost suggested 4 Dimensions as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you are not into roleplay I would highly suggest the two previous mentioned, 4Dimensions and End of Time for serious challenges and quests and a good setup. For a more hack and slash play you might try Materia Magica.

Try EmpireMUD.

It has a huge map, you can build hundreds of buildings, found an empire, establish cities, kill opponents, wage war on the high seas, knock down another empire’s walls, etc.

It is the most detailed MUD I’ve ever played, and it has an average of 15 players. There’s 500 empires, and it’s easy to start your own.

Gameplay is never boring with lots of adventures to choose from, besides building a empire in a top-down map which lets you see your position in huge forests, in endless seas, and in majestic cities that you can build, maintain, expand, and defend.

empiremud.net port 4000. Your Destiny Awaits.

I would hope that my MUD is fun to explore.
I like great detail in room descriptions and try to make all of my areas
ineresting that way. With stock areas, I have some of the best, like
The Sentinel, to the worst, like “Jehr”. There should always be stuff to find.
The codebase supports PK, or not, with a familiar system of dividing players
into “peaceful” and “deadly” characters. Any client should work.
My problem is not having PLAYERS.


One of the things I would like to see is implementing “ships” that give
the feel of a moving area and you would ride the ship to another location.
I have seen this done, and I liked it for the feel of adventure. But there
seems to be a problem with the mud scripts like mpopenpassage that support
this. Waiting is.

You might like Days of Dragons. the3beers.com port 4040
Webpage at http://the3beers.com/~jupiter/dod/index.html
Lots of quests that make you think. Many mob programs

@Kharne83 I myself just got back into MUDs after 12 or so years. I used to play Imperial 3.5 and after coming back and trying other muds, i just cant seem to get into others like i do Imerial. This MUD is well written. It is one of the most stable and diverse MUD’s in the world, with over
200 original areas to explore and MANY original cities located on three
enormous, completely original continents. Players work together to
progress up to level 50, through 8 races and 4 base classes that branch
off into 12 finishing classes, having a choice to become an immortal and
help run the mud, or begin to work on honor ranks. There are ten honor
ranks and they provide long-term playability. Again you have the chance to become an IMM and helping out with the mud after hitting lvl 50. And when you hit the last rank of Emperor, you really still haven’t come close to being as strong as you can be because Emps have many skills/spells to train as they gain the ability to change into DRAGONS! Please, come try us out and look for my char Bacchus, Ill help any new players out gladly!

Sounds like Alter Aeon is right up your alley. We’ve got an enormous world for you to explore, and our focus is PvE. Characters are multiclass, and there are tons of crafting options available.

Hi. You might try Erion. It’s not heavy on PK or RP, though you can do them if you like. The playerbase isn’t huge but we’re trying to expand it. There are lots of ways to enhance your character like with runes bound to armor, sigils you add to your character, weapon/armor enchanting. There’s been some talk of implementing a crafting system, though it hasn’t been done yet. There are word games like Scrabble, Scramble, where you try to unscramble a phrase, and Guess the Phrase, kind of like Wheel of Fortune where you find tiles and try to guess what the phrase is with some of the letters filled in. There are quests and expeditions (longer versions of quests) as well as area specific missions. There are also global quests where mlutiple players compete to complete it first. Imms also sometimes host events like treasure hunts and a variety of other things, and new features are being regularly added, the most recent of which being books that you can write in and expand on and a new low level area with lots of secrets to discover.

Everyone on Erion is very friendly and helpful, and there’s even a player that will spell you up when they’re logged on to give you a boost.

Feel free to check it out if you want.

Host: erionmud dot com
Port: 1234

Sorry for the strange formatting of the hostname. It complained that I couldn’t include a link, so had to modify it.

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