Ithir MUSH - Elven Society, Original Fantasy


In a world steeped in magic, a society of Elves are forced to break their alliances with the races of Larandor to regain their immortality. Fleeing The Host, an impossible foe, the Elves have landed upon the shores of a new continent, Aarandor. Faced with mystery, intrigue, and the loss of their unifying leader the now split Elven Kinships seek to rebuild a new life in this foreign land. The five Elven Kinships of Aeran, Duindar, Lorandi, Thalerith and Faenor must decide if they will follow their own paths or work together towards a united future.

Discovery, mystery, political intrigue and magic await those who are brave enough to step in to the world of Ithir and claim their destiny in the Immortal Lands.

  • MUSH subgenre - RP enforced collaborative writing game
  • Original Fantasy Setting - loosely inspired by Tolkien’s writing
  • Website:
  • Webclient:
  • Connection:
  • Codebase: Evennia and Arxcode
  • Status: Alpha, soon to be Beta
  • Roster Characters and Original Characters
  • Discord Community:
  • Choose from five Kinships to belong to:
    • Thalerith - The Sand Elves of Nasherat
    • Lorandi - Noble Golden Elves of Torendaar
    • Aeran - Ocean Elves of Lorawin
    • Duindar - Democratic Woodelves of Isalspire
    • Faenor - Icy Northern Elves of Khelgar

We have a really strong community of approximately 130 characters with between 30-50 logged in at any given time. Looking for more collaborative RPers to help flesh out our world and write wonderful stories with us! We are wrapping up our alpha phase and first major story line now, its the perfect time to hop in and start discovering the world of Ithir.

Artwork by made for Ithir