"Hope" is looking for a story designer.


Hey there,

My name is Damian and I’ve been developing a MUD engine as an excuse to learn Python (first language). I’ve been doing this since last summer and have made a decent amount of progress. The MUD is themed as a mixture between Star Trek and Altered Carbon/Bladerunner (greater lean towards the former).

Currently the MUD utilizes a websocket web-client and has a solid foundation with the ability to talk, perform basic combat (PvE), utilize a personal ship to fly between locations, and perform an assortment of other smaller actions.

At this stage in the game, I am looking for someone that is excited about story development. I’d like to work pretty closely with this person to help drive the direction of the game from here on out, creating story in parallel with game functions and features so that there is a greater focus on quality of the experience.

The MUD theme exists on a central colony ship, which acts as the only known surviving human vessel. The MUD is planned to revolve mainly around an exploration style rather than a combat-central grind. I am looking for someone to help on the story-side of things to help create fantastic experiences while I focus on coding them into existence (experience with Python/JS is a huge plus).

If interested, please reach out to me on the MudCoders slack! I look forward to meeting interested parties. https://slack.mudcoders.com/

Thanks for your time!


Building a MUD is a great opportunity to learn C. I know it because I did it. But Python? I mean, if you’re going to do something as awesome as building a MUD, at least make it count and learn something valuable in the process. I’m not sure Python is a language worthy to be used for building a MUD, that’s all. But it’s just my opinion.