Holy Mission PVP/PVE Fantasy Mud


Hi all

Holy Mission, a mud starting at 1992 is still up :slight_smile:
We currently have a quite good established playerbase (almost 20 accounts online from time to time) but are always looking for new Players. We have
-) Tolkien / ADnD setting
-) Faction based PvP
-) Lots of PVE Content
-) Thousands of rooms, mostly original
-) Challenging quests
-) Endless amount of fun
-) Active development (Based on player feedback)
-) Free to play
-) Always growing Homepage with lots of Mud Content (PVP Warlist, Ingame Time, Hallo of Heroes, Newbie guide, Special Guides e.g.: How to forge dragonscale equipment, …)

Just visit us at holy-mission.org 81 or http://www.holy-mission.org


Okay, so I visited your website, and I’m wondering if this is a linguistic thing, like an accidental oversite/misunderstanding, or… something more sinister.

But it says your full game name is “Holy War - Whitties vs Darkies”. Which I have no clue what “Whittiies” might be, so I’m reading it as “Whiteys”. Whites vs Darkies makes you sound like a bunch of neo-nazis. I’m not trying to be accusatory here, but you might want to seriously reconsider that name setup.


Hi Ortallus,
Thanks for the feedback,
In fact there is nothing nazi like.
Whitties are the “good” races (Humans, High elves, dwarfs and halflings) who fight against the Darkies “bad” races (duergars, trolls, orcs and drow elves)

But I am going to add this to the description to make it very clear!


You may still consider renaming “Whitties” to something like “Lightsiders” or something. I know name changes suck, but it also sucks having your naming conventions accidentally sound like racist terminology.


I saw that. A theme based on the classic “forces of light against forces of darkness” is very appealing to me, but naming them “whitey and darky”, or any other variant of such spelling, sounds blatantly racist. You should seriously consider a change of terminology.


While I see the semblance of possible racism I gently disagree with changing the name unless you feel it better serves your playerbase or in bringing new players. The Waylumi (light clerics) have used the term or been given the term “shiney” and I’ve heard the terms light, white, glitter, etc.

I feel like sometimes people are too sensitive about these things. We have dark elves (malor) and light elves that are extremely racist against eachother to the point of killing eachother. This is fantasy/medieval with murder, intrique, slavery, and wild sex. Any of these things could be considered insensitive to any number of groups if viewed from a modern perspective.

Note: I feel like this could be a whole new topic so I apologize for any sidebar this may create.


Well this was my first reaction as well. A faction (race) based PvP Mud is per definition racistic! On the other hand I don’t want to be responsible for a webpage where a visitor could get the impression of real life racism. And I also agree that especially with the Mud Name “Holy Mission” it might look even worse.

On the other hand the name Holy Mission, Whitties and Darkies are around since more than 20 years. Especially thinking about the high amount of players that come back to our game after years of abstinence this might not be a positive effect. So I will think about changing the Homepage to “Light VS Dark” add more information that it is Human, High-Elves, Halflings and Dwarfs against Orcs, Duergars, Trolls and Drow-Elves to rule out any misunderstanding.

Just give me few days, I will post here again and ask for your very appreciated feedback again!

Best regards



Little late to the Party - but i’ll add that the “Whittie” vs “Darkie” thing was an immediate put off for me as well. I appreciate its what the game has been calling it forever - but Language uses changes with context, and must I’m not going to be opening that homepage again after getting a very odd look from my wife when it popped up.


Hi Englishlad and all others

As promised I renamed it, and added slightly more information, what we mean with the Light Side and the Dark side. I just had a pretty busy week, so had to wait until weekend to get few minutes of time to fix this.
Now it might look slightly like star-wars (Light side against Dark side) but with the design and the content it should be quite clear that no lightsabers are involved - so it is definitely better than looking racistic.

Would be very happy to get further comments!

Best regards



Thank you for taking the feedback as it was intended. I think in the long run it’s going to be to your benefit. Like I said, the linguistic gap was an understandable one, but you’ve got testimonials from 3 people who were interested in the game until they saw those words.

Words have power, and considering we all come from a word based medium, it’s important not to convey the wrong impression. Kudos to you for acknowledging the need for change and improvement.


Good job Cykor. Taking the time to review your setup and intentions and then making the modifications that benefit newcomers as a whole may be a step in the right direction.

The only warning I would give you is that as important as new players are, your current players should also be consulted on such radical changes. Making a major change just because someone is offended due to ignorance or personal preference may not always be the best solution. In this case, however, it may work out to your advantage. Only time will tell.


Until now nobody complained (which is very rare, if you are an immortal in a mud)
But this is only a small renaming, it never was intended to be rassistic so it does not hurt. In game are also lots of synonyms and light VS dark, good VS evil, … is in place everywhere. e.g.: the starting rooms always have been called “Hall of light” and “Hall of dark”

In todays time I am also not too happy with the name Holy Mission, But as the mud is called like this since 1992 i think renaming is no option at all.

Regarding players - Thanks for the warning, but we normally discuss these things with a broad player base and never had major issues. (We are all grown ups by now - When I started it was definitely different!). I absolutely doubt that there is anybody who plays because he likes something that reminds him about racism! If this really would be the case I think we can easily live without this player.

Best regards

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