Hiring OLC Builders - Haven Of The Embraced


Haven of the Embraced, a Modified ROM MUD based on White-Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness roleplaying system is looking for Builders to help us fill our large worldmap with interesting places to explore and gain experience.

Haven is set in the Middle Ages and we strive to be geographically accurate as best we can. Our worldmap is expansive and includes a handful of major cities present in Medieval Europe. We’re looking for builders to fill in some empty spots on the map and create new cities for people to explore.

We have charts we expect Builders to follow concerning MOB and OBJ stats, but allow for customization using a Creation Points system. It’s not perfect and is a work in progress, but it gives a good basis for creation.

Room descriptions are required to be 3-8 lines and fairly unique between rooms. An entire area of the same description can be pretty boring, but a little repetition is not completely awful. MOB descriptions are required to be at least 2 lines long and should be unique to each MOB.

Experience working with OLC and MOBProgs is a HUGE plus but we’re willing to train builders with exceptional writing skills to use the systems in place.

Check us out at mud.havenmud.net:2000 and look for Matthew, Ygolonac or Zelan to state your interest. If they’re not around, you can check out the in-game application at ‘help application’ and email your interest to matthew@havenmud.net.

Thank you and hope to see some great talent coming our way!