Got SWFoTE running, but setclan doesn't work.


Pretty much like the title says, I’m not able to use the setclan command to change any clan info. The MUD just says “No such clan.” everytime, and I’ve checked the clanfiles to be sure I’m using the right clan name for the command.

Has anyone run into this, or know how to fix it?
Thanks guys!


I know nothing about coding at all, really.
Yet I dare say this does not sound like a coding question: it sounds like there is something else you are missing. So you have all your clan files as they are supposed to be, but does the base system know that? Is there some sort of clan-list file that must be updated? Some system-information file that needs a new line added?


All files were set right, just incase I reinstalled swfote. Yet, setclan, loadarea, etc don’t work. I’ lost lol


They may be working as a numbered entry, try “setclan 1”, if not please attach do_setclan’s contents in code form and might be able to cipher through it. Good luck.

-EDIT: No need for the do_setclan contents… grabbed one from SWFoTE off github.

It is stopping with your argument for setclan, notably arg1 being the name of the clan. You may want “showclan” if you just want to see them. anyways.

  if (get_trust (ch) >= LEVEL_SUB_IMPLEM)
    send_to_char (" name filename desc shortname\n\r", ch);


clan = get_clan (arg1);

if (!clan)
  send_to_char ("No such clan.\n\r", ch);

is setting null since no clan is matching from this command.

/* Get pointer to clan structure from clan name. */
CLAN_DATA *get_clan (char *name)
  CLAN_DATA *clan;
  for (clan = first_clan; clan != NULL; clan = clan->next)
    if (!str_cmp (name, clan->name))
      return clan;
  return NULL;

So have a look there as well.