If you been in the gaming community in regards to the buds before 20-plus years if anybody can remember Twilight of the Souls which is a circlemud driven to that was pretty much stripped and then a great deal of the deluxe godwars edition was then hard-coded into it and I a mean using the Merc. Each file and then they basically said all the codes Into The Interpreter and then went from there my code is completely one-hundred-percent Rewritten all the way from the start and then a lot of it is then translated into my own private code I’ve done a lot of this coating all by myself I used to have a buddy of mine that was working on it and I was almost 20 years ago but I’m in a great deal of need of help I need some expert coders I need some developers to come in and really give it a fresh look I’m still trying to put on my coating shoes and so I’m having a great deal of trouble you know backtracking a remembering I was very young at the time when I started this code base but I do need some help and I’m willing to even support anybody’s on personal project if they want to start their own projects website development if they want to start your own website development I will host you I will do anything that I can in the world to help you I currently just need a great deal of help in regards to this codebase I think it’s going to revolutionize the way that the game is are played but please email me
Mikeyryan420@gmail.com or login
Darkenedlights.com 4000
I have my own server web/mud dedicated.
So there wont be any downtime unless we wizlock…


let’s have some fun…

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