Genesis the Original LP MUD


Hello, MUD, fantasy, D&D, tabletop and adventure lovers!

Genesis is a text-based MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) and the original LPMud created back in 1989 by a group of people from the Chalmers University of Gothenburg in Sweden and it’s Computer Society CD. The game has gone through major evolutions since then due to an amazing group of Wizards (Our Admin) who have created a giant, thriving world filled with content from some of your favorites such as Dragonlance, Lord of the Rings and Forgotten Realms. As well as some original content in the lands of Avenir, Calia, Raumdor, and Emerald. All of which is still being updated with new content to this day!

Some features that you may find appealing is our smooth combat system, detailed and complex quests, highly encouraged roleplay, fast-paced PvP, our very own easy to use built-in client, several active Wizards, fun holiday events and an amazing community that is always ready to help others. Being a newbie you may find yourself in interesting, unusual and sometimes challenging situations. But as you learn your way around the world you’ll find yourself developing an authentic, popular and powerful character.

Recently we did a complete overhaul of the equipment saving system so everything is now saved on your character and are currently running it as a trial which has so far been met with success. A great article in PC Gamer UK featuring us has brought a surge of new players and we would love to see you join us in game!

If you want to connect to Genesis using your own MUD client the address is:, port: 3011 or 44378


Unofficial Discord