Gates of Krynn Looking for Content Creators


Hi all,

Gates of Krynn is a CoffeeMUD based on the CircleMUD Age of Dragons. It’s a Dragonlance themed game, post-War-of-the-Lance, which is rp encouraged and incentivised. The world is 11,000+ rooms, but so far we only have about 4,000 of them populated with mobs and item drops. I imported the map from Age of Dragons, but the mobs and objs need to be added manually.

We’re looking for people to assist us with creating and improving content. This could come in the form of improving existing zones, populating existing empty zones, creating new zones, creating quests, spicing up the religion/deity system, setting up the law systems in various zones (system in place, just needs implementing), creating role play opportunities with the players, and potentially other things that may come up.

As a CoffeeMUD it would definitely be an asset if you’re familiar with CoffeeMUD already. Almost everything can be done via web browser, using GUIs and ‘wizards’ as well as in game.

If you’re interested, please let me know in game or PM me here.


Gicker port 4500


If your into Dragonlance and building you should definetly drop in. I start here a few weeks ago and it has quickly become my top mud. Complex crafting, tons of skills and build variations.