Free trial of CoffeeMUD hosting on a server in a datacenter


I don’t have any free hosting offers right now, but I do have one I can let you try for free without any credit card/paypal info needed up front. Basically you will be able to sign up for free, and then when the month is up I’ll ask if you want to pay the normal $14/month amount.

If interested just go to, choose the basic plan, then when checking out use the “offline” payment method and you will be able to register without providing any real billing data.

If any questions just ask!



This offer still stands! I have a server just waiting for a new owner…


Check out the website you will get here: - you will also get a CoffeeMUD server but I can’t demo that :wink: Would love to hear from you!


ok, had another user not have the time to run their MUD, so i am making this FFL (free for life) server available again. If you go to and use the “offline” payment method. Be sure and put “free for life” in the comments field so I know that is what you want. Only first responder. Looking forward to working with you!