Files to upload / download


Is there an area here for uploads/downloads? Like of MUD areas, snippets, etc. ?


No TMC doesnt have a file respository, Mudbytes does (if they have fixed the issues)


Unfortunately, the register/login/reset-password part of
just does not work. It doesn’t even send email.


MUDListings has a file hosting area. Requires registration and login.

Once logged in, the upload link is:


I still hope eventually MUD listings will port over the entire code repository from Mudbytes… The main problem with MB repository is the horrid (and well, lack of) effective categorization of the files (and lack of being able to search them, too). Also the whole “forever scroll” thing it does also makes it where you can’t just go into the big list and CTRL+F to find something you are looking for. Makes finding anything in the repository more trouble than it’s worth.

I understand that trying to categorize all of the stuff on a new site will be quite the undertaking, but I’m sure there are at least a few of us that would be happy to help with that (and perhaps having the repository set up like a wiki where registered users can edit/move/etc might help with that anyhow).


I do plan to address that some time. Time being the operative word, as it’s in short supply for me right now. But certainly anyone who wants to help, you just need to be a registered user to be able to upload files.


A whole lot of (like, VAST majority) of the MB repository came from when MudMagic was closing down.

Looks like MM’s repository is easily accessible (directory structure and all) via this link, and may be a GREAT start for the ML repository if the directory structure can be maintained:


Nice find! That will definitely make the process of populating our files section easier. I’ll do a little research and see what I can find it terms of more easily managing the files section both to import this stuff and allow people to add stuff of their own. Thanks Hades!


Always happy to help!

Did some more digging today…

MB has a total of 2720 files.

1449 files uploaded there from MM.

1271 uploads that aren’t from MM.

423 uploaded from… I found a backup of that source here:

So… assuming the uploader credit from MB attributed to and that link are consistent, down to 848 uploads (about a third of those are from 10 users which ought to make sorting those much easier as well).

Sorting the remaining 500 or so files is still a task, but this should take a substantial amount of work out of it.


the mudbytes file repository is also on that site, from march 2010, but the problem is is owned by locke! So id be dubious of using anything from there just incase hed made and modifications to files on there to give himself credit for OLC that he didnt actually create!


Good catch Tijer!

I did go up a couple of levels but didn’t notice MB was in there too.

If there’s a utility to remove duplicates from the sources that the file directory structure is intact, that’d help a ton, leaving the 500 or so files that would need to be manually sorted.


I finally put up a webpage for my MUD and included the area files I wanted to share, all two of them. :slight_smile: Maybe more in the future? You can download The Sentinel and The Gauntlet (in smaugfuss 1.6 format).
I’ll check in on to see what develops there, as y’all say it will have a greatly expanded file section in the future.