Favourite God Wars based Mud

This one’s for the God Wars players out there.

Back in the late 90s, early 100s there was over 100 God Wars based muds listed on TMC, compared to the 20 or so listed today.

Which was your favourite God Wars Mud?
Who were the coders?
Which codebase did you prefer?
What did it have that you liked?
How long ago did you play it?
What was the best feature?
Would you still be playing it today (if it no longer exists)?

Trying to gauge some interest in some kind of old school God Wars based mud and whether anyone would be interested in playing.

obviously 100s should’ve have read 00’s, no way to edit posts on this software?

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I think I already had this conversation with you on one of your hosted GWs.

I’m still not entirely sure which one it was for me - probably Rogue Edition. I didn’t know the developers - I just know it was around for a long time. it was extremely ‘hardcore’ as far as GW muds go (difficult to get xp, elemental canyon was actually ‘hard’ for a long time, scripting was illegal) but it had well-coded Dragons w/ a age training system (one of the best parts) and a really active community. I have fond memories of it, even if basically everyone that played it was an asshole :wink:

I played it for years. I’m sure I’d still stop in if it was around, or one like it was around - but there’s nothing out there with that classic GW feel anymore. You can sorta get it by running one of the stock codebases from the mudmagic respository…but it can’t be the same without the other players.


KaVir - Richard Woolcock

The one without the back-doors :slight_smile:

Quite a lot of hand combinations.

A month ago.

The hand combinations:
For example, rw rc rp for “right-hand-wiggle-fingers, right-hand-clap-hands, right-hand-point” which activates the teleport spell.

Thats GodWarsII not GodWars by the way :slight_smile:

Ah. By any chance, is the source code available?

KaVir has never released GodWars 2… Think development has stalled on the MUD also!

Yep, for the most part. However, I believe there was some activity (adding an events system) awhile back (at most, 2 years).

My favorite of all time was Divine Anathema, really old codebase and after it went down I do not think anyone else had it. I just like the variety of races/classes based on WW.

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if i remember right, that mud was godwars re-coded on a mythran envy base?

And i believe Tamara was the coder of the place, i’ve asked many many people if they knew of the whereabouts of Tamara, in the hope of resurrecting the mud in some form, but no one appears to have the code. Which is a shame…

I really enjoyed the Dystopia godwars muds. Back in the early 00’s there was many of them. There was a lot of classes, like Tanaar’ri, Demon, Ninja, WW, Vamp, Drow, Samurai, Spider Droid, Lich, Battlemage, Angel, Dragon/s, and im sure theres more I just cant remember a lot of them. I don’t remember the names of the muds I played, it was soo long ago but there was 4 hours newbie time, which is enough to get your mastery item (maxxed stances, weapons and spell colors)and get all your stats maxxed. I was never very good at them but had lots of fun lol.

My favorite was ‘Cursed Lands’

It had most of the standard classes (demon, werewolves, book mage, vampires, drow, etc.) but also a set of hybrid classes where you could get say 60% of the powers from vampire and 40% of the powers from werewolf and such. I think “Skindancer” was one of the hybrids. It took quite a lot of grinding to get ‘large.’

The only imm character I remember from it was Jade.

I developed quite a few GodWars/Dystopia classes as a high schooler that provided endless fun for some friends as well… elementalist, brawler, swordsman, ghoul, etc.

GodWars was good days :slight_smile:

I actually originally created that mud back in 1999!


Age of Heroes… Best mud ever!!
ianshirm.genesismuds.com 2250

Coders: TroubleRazor (Xrakisis), and Tijer
Code base preference, Dystopia 1.4, with ROM and ROT
Liked? Gun code, Wilderness, Multiclassing, Everything has been drastically expanded.
Best Feauture: Gun code
how long? last 16ish years?
Still Play it.

im not really a coder there i just fix TroubleRazors bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would kill to see that mud up briefly, or give the source code a read, depending what you have access to still and are willing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Was a great game.

unfortunately i dont have a recent ish version of the code most recent i have is from october 1999, believe the mud existed for another 2-3 yrs after that??

Approximately how much LOC is it?