ExVenture Framework


ExVenture is a new-ish framework written in Elixir. You can see more information at https://exventure.org which highlights some of its key features and has the admin docs. One of its biggest features is a built in web admin panel that edits everything in the game. Which looks like this:

Another big feature is the web client, also built in.

It’s also connected to Gossip and has Grapevine login. And since it’s built on top of the Erlang VM, it’s cluster aware and highly resilient, most crashes won’t kick you from the game or impact any other user.

I am starting to get some more docs around how to get ExVenture up and hosted as more people start finding out about it. If any of this interests you let me know!

Finally, I do monthly update posts talking about what has changed. The most recent of which is here: https://blog.oestrich.org/2018/11/exventure-updates


Did a new update post about the changes in ExVenture for December.

Some highlights include, refactoring the the eventing system for NPCs and formalizing the internal markup language. I’ve also been working on making it easier to deploy ExVenture, it’s not fully there yet but movement is in the right direction. Also if anyone is interested in a fully hosted version, check out ExVenture World.