EverWar - PvP - Overhead Map - Good vs Evil - High Fantasy



I wanted to invite anyone who might be looking to play a PvP style MUD to join try out Everwar! We just had a fresh player wipe on 08/17/18 with some new updates.

EverWar now features a built in interactive map. This map is optimized for mud clients such as Zmud, Wintin, and Tintin. The map has several features and customization options.

Everwar is a hardcore style alignment vs alignment player killing mud based on the EmlenMUD code. If you have played any of the old EmlenMUD games such as Rites of Passage, Lands of Chaos, Void of Reality, Aturion Dynasty, Method of Destruction or Fate than you may be familiar with us.

• Choose between good and evil alignment which both have some protection within their homelands. Once you leave your homelands though the other alignment can be waiting to strike at any time.

• If you die to an enemy your corpse will remain where it is and you will only keep a portion of your equipment.

• PK will reward players with warpoints which can be used to rank up your profession and allow you to restart your character with stronger stats and bonuses. You may also join a school which can allow for bonus equipment if you have the most warpoints.

• Fight over control of forts which will provide a bonus to the alignment that controls them.

• You can run quests by yourself or with friends to earn quest point which can be used to buy strong equipment, items or allow you to run dungeons to earn warpoints that you can use to rank up.

• Choose between 12 professions and 10 races (per alignment) all with their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

• The maximum level is 70 but you can remort up to 16 times which allow you to increase your statistics to make your character even stronger. Each character can also join Guilds which will allow a profession to increase their abilities.

If you have any questions please send me a message on the mud, email, facebook or here. I hope some of you will give it a shot!

MUD Address: everwarmud.com 4242