Escape From Destiny

Look, I am not going to blow smoke and make this mud out to seem like the best thing since sliced bread. Truth is, almost no one plays this mud, but that is where you come in. I sifted through tmc many a time logging in to muds only discover I didn’t like them. Here is what I like about this mud.

1 - It is all original BUT not massively huge or WEIRD. I have logged into muds that had a bazillion rooms or the theme was just … odd. This mud is a traditional sort of D&D world. It could use a few more areas but the areas it has are all good quality and interesting.

2 - It has a decent amount of classes/races/and options BUT not too many. Have you ever logged into a mud and just felt overwhelmed by the ten thousand options to customize your character? I have. This mud has quite a few races but only around 10 classes. Once you take your class up to level 50 you can gain a profession. There are a good number of spells and skills but not millions upon millions.

3 - You can’t multiplay but the characters are built for soloing. I hate muds that have multiplay. You log in and see 50 characters but only 3 people are playing. In this mud you can run solo and be fine (or at least I have been so far).

So come give it a try. I suggest starting as a basic human or maybe an evil race. They start in different cities so that can be an issue. 2020


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I forgot to mention, I am in desperate need of a tank. Someone, for the love of all that is holy log in and start a warrior or dreadknight or something. There are dragons in this mud and I want to kill them. Come kill dragons!!! Now!!!