End of Time - Exciting Changes


We’ve seen some exciting changes on End of Time over the last several weeks!

I want to say one of the last updates posted introduced our pets system, which continues to be popular and has had additional features added and continued bug fixes.

Since then, we have also finally implemented our change where the citizen type mobs throughout the game are all similar in level and consistent across their age and role within a town. No more instances of a level 50 child from one town and a level 10 cityguard in another. We continue to add more areas to supplement the “loss” of towns as leveling spots, such as the newly opened Lizard Rock.

We have been working more on our experience formulas, so players of all levels should now see not only an increase in experience earned, but a much more forgiving sliding scale with respect to exp earned reducing from lower level mobs. This should allow players a much wider selection in areas to level in as a result.

Additionally, there is now area exploration bonus experience. Each time you discover a new area that you’ve never been to before, you will gain experience derived from the total number of areas you’ve explored. The more areas you discover, the more exp you gain!

Loot has been increased in all reaches of the game, with randomly generated equipment loading both on reset mobs (whose race or other specifics indicate) and tied into the loot system that mobs drop upon death. This loot extracts upon selling, so returning to towns to sell loot should be a consistent and steady source of income.

We have also finally completed the (hopefully) last additions and tweaks to class skill lists. Several new abilities have been added to the entire thief branch of skills, with a particular emphasis on new abilities for Assassins and Pirates.

End of Time is a Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross based MUD with heavy steampunk and even Fallout influence (although not directly tied into the theme). We are a heavily modified ROM with over 12 years of steady development. Familiarity with the games in our theme is in no way necessary or required to play, understand, or enjoy the game, as basically we are aiming to create a text based JRPG that you can happen to play with others.


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