Dedicated object and mob tester seeking to branch out!


I have extensive experience on a Diku based mud (Adventures unlimited - as an object and mob tester using OLC. I am offering my services overlooking finished areas to ensure there are no bugs or objects and mobs unsuited to the area. I have given countless thousands of hours on my favorite mud in this capacity but as members area submissions have slowed down I find my self in need of stimulation. I consider my self analytical and dedicated and I like to finish what I start. As much as I enjoyed playing the games the grind no longer interests me. But ensuring players can enjoy an appropriately balanced area? this to m is a form of artistic perfection and gives me a rewarding feeling of accomplishment.
If you are seeking someone who loves what they do and will painstakingly work towards the balance you need look no further!

Dean AKA Durion


Fejl free to stop by port 6969

I have areas you could test and help with.


The tbaMUD World always needs proofing. Our stock codebase releases with 189 zones. And your corrections would be published to GitHub and go out with every release. I know I have proofed so many zones over the years it is nice to see the finished products. The player port is 4000. TBA, on port 9091, ran out of zones years ago and we have to recycle unfinished ones now. Currently 615 zones, but most are incomplete and not ready for balancing. You might also be interested in TBA’s zcheck command. It check’s the zone for anything outside of our pre-defined limits, i.e. >+3 stats, 50 damage, etc. HELP ZCHECK online to check it out.

The Builder Academy 9091


I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to run my own MUD.
It may have worked if I had stuck with it back in 2008, then I had cohorts. Now I am all alone and have failed to get new players. Nevertheless I like MUD building so much, and dislike the yolk of the MUD I used to be on so much, that I have off and on, mostly off, spent - what - more than 11 years collecting stuff and piecing together a MUD world. Of course I have a LOT of stock areas that I downloaded and “fixed up” - until it got to be so frustrating that I’d rather not. I’d rather make my own than fix somebody else’s mistakes. But, if for some reason [masochism? :P] you actually LIKE doing this I am sure that I as well as others could keep you busy for years to come.

Realms of Myst : 4422


I’m not entirely sure if you are looking to recruit or find a new place where your ideas/projects can be realised/integrated? I’m always looking for builders and I’ve been known to write converters to import areas in other formats (we use an XML structure that is infinitely flexible-- and a web builder so nobody has to actually work with XML).


Don’t get me wrong, I can’t build areas… I hate writing descs but love balancing objects and mobs to suit areas made.

For some people creating areas is easy but they struggle with the objects and mobs? For me its the other way around.