d20MUD:Star Wars Looking for Dedicated C Coder


d20MUD: Star Wars is seeking someone to take over the main coding duties from myself. Duties will be mainly fixing bugs and implementing new features. You’ll be given plenty of leeway to decide what you want to develop, though communication with the community is a must before adding significant new features. The MUD is built over CircleMUD, using the C programming language as well as some MySQL. Knowledge of PHP would be a plus as well, as we have several features that are done on our Joomla based web site.

Based on a survey that was run, most players are looking for an expansion on our space system to include more interesting space combat, capital ships, space mining and resource trading/smuggling and some more end game content.

I will be on hand to help with anything I’m needed for, but you should be an experienced coder, as I am not willing to help someone learn how to code.

Please respond here or email me at gickerlds@gmail.com. Serious inquiries only please.

Thanks! Gicker


Just posting to let others know the coding position has been filled. Thanks all!