CoffeeMUD December Player Challenge


In the month of December, CoffeeMUD is hosting the Great Class Race challenge, a speed-leveling competition, on both our normal ports (23, 2323, 2324 (PK) and 2326 (RP)) and our hard-core port (2325 Permadeath, triple XP). This competition is further subdivided to each of our 44 playable classes with prizes for the top 3 play-times in each class on each port.

How to enter:
Create or Remort a character within the month of December. When you hit level 31 with 30 levels in once class, send Loki an in-game TELL or in-game mail letting him know you have attained your goal.

First place will receive a +1 Max Stat (IE, +1 Max STR). This bonus will persist through remorts.
Second place prize per class is a WISH and a +1 TRAIN pill.
Third place prize per class is an account-wide +1 LANGUAGE slot, and a +1 TRAIN pill.
Honorable mention (for everyone who doesn`t win 1st/2nd/3rd in their class): 5000 XP pill.
Prizes may be White-Elephanted (First place prize winner may STEAL the second (or third) place prize instead of taking his prize, switching prizes with him. Similarly, the second place prize winner may STEAL the third place prize, switching prizes with him.)
Prizes will be awarded on or after January 1st. Do NOT remort or retire your character until your levels are verified by Loki and he tells you he has the data. For Hardcore participants, this means you probably should stop leveling until your times have been verified.

Each character must be created or remorted after 12:01 am CDT December 1st, 2018.
Experience should be earned on the character`s merits:
Characters participating in the challenge cannot accept any vassals from the SERVE command.
Characters cannot eat any XP pills.
Characters cannot party with any character over level 30.
Characters cannot accept buffs from any character over level 30, but may accept buffs from NPCs (like Doz, or Mud School Adepts).
Characters should not be power-leveled through multiplay by alts. (That is, if you multiplay, each of your characters should be actively contributing to the team, not passively leveled by a powerful class).
The character MAY accept gear from other players, as well as healing spells if cast within town (including clan property and the morgue)