Celestial Knights

CKMud is is a Dragonball mud that has been around for over a decade in some form or another. Over the last 2 months we have recoded SWR codebase to become CKMud 1.0a.

With mant features being added all the time we already have many of the staples players have come to expect out of a DBZ mud.

Some current features include…

  • Level and Class base system for skills.
  • 8 current playable races
  • ASCII maps with random encounters
  • Powerlevel system with virtually no cap
  • Training system
  • Player created custom EQ system
  • 2000+ rooms to currently explore.
  • Over 100 skills and spells

Many other features are in then can be listed here, and more added all the time. If your interested in getting on the ground floor of a new codebase and potentially help formulate new features now is the chance.
Come by and see for yourself.
Ckmud.com :8500