Best MUDs Ever Played

What are the BEST MUD’s you’ve ever played (living or dead)?

Here’s my favorites:

AVPMud (
-Very cool, humans vs aliens vs predators.
-Based on the movie.
EmpireMUD (
-Most complicated MUD out there.
-Become a King, Emperor, or vassal.
-Found and empire.
-Build buildings on the huge, interactive map.
-Become a trader, warrior, mage, etc.
Aardwolf (
-Tons of players.
-Mafia is a cool invention.

Only one ive found that I can keep coming back to is Imperial 3.5. I stopped playing for years but just got back into it. The player base has dwindled so im trying to get some converts, at least come check it out and let me know what you think.

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